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Jimmer Fredette, Brandon Davies, and Charles Abouo together again in the TBT summer tournament
Jimmer, Charles, and Brandon recently reunited to play in this summer's The Basketball Tournament. And while they fell one game short of the $2 million prize, it's been like old times watching them play again. BYU Magazine caught up with these beloved basketball all-stars in Baltimore. Read about their careers in places like China, France, and Lithuania and learn how the challenges of playing overseas are eased by Church members and BYU fans.
Knowing that everyone is a child of God changes the way we see, think, and behave. -Lori L. Wadsworth
In her recent devotional address, Lori Wadsworth, MPA program director and professor of public management, shared her thoughts on how we can see and acknowledge the divinity in others. Watch video highlights or the full address at BYU Speeches.
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
Football player Corbin Kaufusi and Brodie Rallison dance the foxtrot
Football is better than men's basketball, right? Or is women's soccer the best? Time for a dance-off from BYU SportsNation to determine which sport reigns supreme.
Lynde Mott stands ready to provide a tour of her home
BYU illustration grad Lynde Mott has covered her entire home—floor to ceiling—in her artwork. Read about her eye-popping designs and see all of the rooms of her home in these 360-degree videos.
The 2018 Gameday Tee $10
Seated on a couch, a young man chats with his mother
To talk religion with Mormon youth, you need to speak their language, says philosopher Adam Miller who authored Letters to a Young Mormon. Read what he shares with LDS audiences on questions of faith.
Vance Taylor with his family
When Vance Taylor was diagnosed with MS at age 7, his specialist told him to set the bar low. “He said I’d never graduate high school, that college would be an impossibility, and that I’d rely on my mom for care for the rest of my life.” So Taylor set his bar higher, and today he's a BYU comms grad, homeland security/emergency management expert, and disability advocate. Read his inspiring story.
The singing LeBaron family performs Love at Home.
The LeBaron family became internet sensations almost overnight when they casually belted "One Day More" from Les Miserables karaoke-style in their basement, babes in arms. Here is the story including an all-new 360-degree video performance of "Love at Home."
A young Samoan leads his classmates in a chorus
This summer a team of BYU students traveled to Samoa to help screen children for rheumatic heart disease: children there have a much higher propensity for developing the disease. Students, clinicians, and faculty visited 24 schools and screened 6,288 children. Learn more of their story in this photo essay and video.
Supreme court justices play basketball, illustration by Art Lien
On the fifth, and top, floor of the Supreme Court Building is a basketball court. That's where, in the early '80s, years before he became BYU's president, Kevin J Worthen was somewhat conflicted about how to defend an older justice (his boss). Read his verdict as Sports Illustrated shares some supremely amusing anecdotes in "The Highest Court in the Land."
Tony-winning actress and singer Laura Benanti
The BYU tradition of killing it in the arts continues as Tony-winning actress and singer Laura Benanti travels to Provo to kick off BYU's Bravo! 2018–19 season. We are giving away four tickets to her Sept. 7 show, where she will share her unmatched wit and humor and perform your favorite Broadway show tunes. Or you can guarantee your seats with a purchase.
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