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DreamGiver Wins Emmys
The BYU Center for Animation's latest flick won two "student Emmys," was picked up by 20 film festivals, and earned its student creators a visit from a Disney art director. Watch a clip from DreamGiver. Play clip
Predicting Premature Birth
Though more than one in 10 American babies are born prematurely, there were few clues to predict premature birth--until a recent BYU, U of U discovery.
A Matter of Faith
From a child of the civil rights movement to a bishop a decade after the 1978 priesthood revelation, BYU's first black law grad has walked an unexpected path.
Duel Dominance
BYU has put away this year's Deseret Duel, the annual contest that tracks every BYU, U of U matchup. In the duel's four years, BYU has won it three times.
Blocker of the Year
BYU volleyball middle attacker Futi Tavana is the Off-the-Block Blocker of the Year, an award given to the best front-row defensive player in the nation.
David O. McKay School of Education
Educating on the iPhone
With more than 50,000 downloads, a BYU alum's gaming apps reinforce kids' literacy skills. Download his games here.
Assessing Success
How much are university students learning? Counseling psychology professor Gary Kramer wants to find out.
Winning Hymn
Associate dean Charles Graham collaborated with a neighbor to create an award-winning LDS hymn. See "The Dayspring Is Born" here.
A Help for Struggling Students
A BYU study went into public schools to help students with disabilities keep pace in class. Find out what method BYU introduced to raise test scores.
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
Drugs and Thugs
Foreign Service Officer Alexandra Zwahlen Tenny will address U.S. policy in Latin America on May 11. See the calendar.
Refugees in Utah
Join students and alumni for a screening of Ingrid Amado's film Refugees in Utah on May 18.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Religion in Lord of the Rings
Is there Christianity in Lord of the Rings, or is the book just fantasy? Associate history professor Paul Kerry shares his take.
Assistant political science professor Adam Brown says Wikipedia is a reliable source for prominent political topics.
In D.C. or Salt Lake?
The BYU Political Affairs Society will host events in Washington, D.C., and Salt Lake City in May. Click here to register.
BYU Truman Scholar
Econ major Jason Despain received a 2011 Harry S. Truman Scholarship, an award of $30,000. See how Despain demonstrated commitment to public service.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Singing Seuss
Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, and the grizzly Grinch are coming to BYU in the May performances of Seussical.
In a Brandstorm
Three advertising students took first in the L'Oreal Brandstorm national finals in New York City. Now they're off to Paris.
Foolin' Around Provo
Visual arts students collaborated in art project that canvased Provo—literally. See how they divided and conquered.
Anne Frank on Stage
Starting May 25, BYU will perform the award-winning dramatization of The Diary of Anne Frank.
College of Humanities
Hire from the Humanities
A Harvard Business Review article extols the value of hiring humanities majors. Read the article here.
Guggenheim Fellow
English associate professor Kimberly Johnson won a Guggenheim Fellowship for her poetry. See her work here.
College of Life Sciences
Genes for Alzheimer's Risk
Assistant biology professor John "Keoni" Kauwe helped to identify four new genes linked to Alzheimer's.
Lytle Flooded
The BYU Lytle Preserve, a 600-plus-acre natural oasis just west of St. George, Utah, closed due to 2010 flooding. See photos.
Bacterial Good Guys
Biology assistant professor Joel Griffitts won a National Science Foundation award to study beneficial bacteria.
Plant and Soil Excellence
BYU plant and wildlife scientists Von Jolley and Bruce Webb received the 2011 Leadership Award at the Western Nutrient Management Conference.
College of Nursing
Last Lecture
After teaching at BYU for 23 years, professor Catherine Coverston delivered her last lecture. Read excerpts here.
Comms Chair
Associate professor Renea Beckstrand is now a chair for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
Tales from Induction 2011
The induction ceremony for Sigma Theta Tau featured the tales of a mission nurse returned from Tonga.
In the Top 10
A BYU article ranked fifth on a list of the top 10 articles in two top nursing journals. Read the full text of the study, dealing with end-of-life care, here.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Math's Sweet 16
In one of the toughest showdowns in the math world, BYU's got game, placing 16th in this year's Putnam competition.
Learning from the Best
Stanford's Bradley Efron, a leading statistician, spoke at BYU and met with faculty and students. Hear a podcast.
China's Manure as Energy
Two BYU chemistry professors are on their way to China to use bacteria to turn waste into energy.
Tracking the Eye
A team of student engineers created an inexpensive computer system that can be controlled entirely with the eyes.
A Fresh Face
Alum Jeffery Christenson won the 2011 Fresh Faces of Engineering award from the Utah Engineers Council.
BYU Engineering-Ed Sweep
BYU's engineering-education program placed in the top three in five student competitions in March.
Prestigious Fellows
Three mechanical engineering students received the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship.
J. Reuben Clark Law School
Moot Court Semis
A BYU moot court team made it to the semifinals of the American Bar Association Nationals, and one student placed third.
Published Proceedings
Proceedings from BYU's 2009 civil religion conference were published in the George Washington International Law Review.
Arguing for ILCs
The SMU Law Review published associate professor Mehrsa Baradaran's arguments for industrial loan companies' existence.
Disaster Etiquette
Associate professor Lisa Sun argues that disasters bring out the best in people in a Salt Lake Tribune editorial.
Marriott School of Management
Shoppers Kalood
Kalood, the first-place company in BYU's Business Plan Competition, helps consumers find bargains.
On the Fortune 500 Market
Assistant marketing professor Sterling Bone will collaborate with a Fortune 500 company and report to its top executives.
Administrator of the Year
The late John W. Keys III, former Bureau of Reclamation commissioner, is the Romney Institute's Administrator of the Year.
Entrepreneurial Innovation
Social entrepreneurship programs are cropping up on campuses everywhere, and BYU's is among the best.
Museum of Art BYU Broadcasting
The Matter of Words
A new exhibition explores the nature of language and its effect on our lives.
More news from the Museum of Art
Celebrating 50 Years
The one-millionth library patron of 2011 helped the library celebrate 50 years.
More from the Harold B. Lee Library
BYU Magazine Continuing Education
Utah Festival of Books
More than 20 Utah artists and authors will be on BYU's campus Saturday, June 4.
More news from the BYU Bookstore
Ties That Bind
Register for the 43rd Conference on Family History and Genealogy, held July 26–29.
More from Continuing Education.
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