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BYU hydrogeologist Greg Carling has found toxic lake-bed dust in mountain snowpack and runoff. Photo by Bradley Slade.

With rising temperatures and booming populations, the West has never been thirstier for water. And that increased demand has run into a vastly diminished supply as an unprecedented megadrought enters its third decade. But hope hasn’t dried up for a cadre of BYU water experts who say there are readily available measures that can greatly reduce our consumption of water. Read the Y Magazine cover story “When in Drought” online or in the print edition in your stack of mail.

Standing in a canyon, BYU professor Arden Pope raises both hands to share his appreciation for clean air.

In this new video from the A Thing of Beauty series, BYU professor Arden Pope shares his perspective on the importance of clean air for physical and emotional well-being. “Our souls resonate with the clean, clear air,” he says. Watch as Pope explains why clean air is important both for environmental health and to truly experience the beauty around us.

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The BYU Concert Choir sings in an alpine meadow surrounded by trees in fall colors.

“What a beautiful piece and a beautiful choir,” commented Jeff Olsen, who recently viewed this music video on YouTube. “I’m grateful for Christ-focused works of art like this one. It is a wonderful buoy in a multitude of storms.” Watch this performance of “In Christ Alone” by the BYU Concert Choir to see if you agree.

Orange pumpkin soup topped with herbs and cream is served in a white bowl.

When COVID locked missionaries in their apartments during 2020, Lynnel Eads began cooking and delivering food to those serving near her hometown of Monument, Colorado. She quickly earned the nickname Mama Eads from the more than 100 missionaries whose lives were blessed by her kindness. Here Eads shares two of her favorite fall recipes: Pumpkin Soup and Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread.

Maynard Dixon: Searching for a Home: Painted and Poetic Imagination in the American West | Now open | BYU Museum of Art.
In the video game, users play as the Shepherd, an eternal being that rescues and protects lost sheep in a mythical land called the Inbetween.

Menacing wolves with glowing red eyes are circling and a little sheep is in a bad spot until the Shepherd, an eternal being, swoops in for the rescue. Check out Liminus: The Silent Guard, an interactive video game created by BYU students. The game recently received international recognition. The Rookie Awards also named BYU the No. 5 school in the world for game design and development.

A young man sits on a park bench, intently viewing the screen of a smartphone. Photo by Nate Edwards, BYU Photo.

While it may seem natural to assume that the prevailing online opinions represent the views of the majority, a new BYU study says conversations on social media are being driven by the far left and the far right, not by the majority in the middle. Learn why most people—politically moderate—are self-censoring their comments on social media to avoid creating contention, losing friends, and being perceived negatively.

A casserole on a teal background with the words A Time to Laugh No. 7 BYU Speeches.

Not every meal or family gathering turns out as planned. Watch the latest A Time to Laugh video from BYU Speeches for a hearty helping of the home-cooked humor of the home-cooked humor of Thomas S. Monson and Marjorie Pay Hinckley.

The BYU men's soccer team poses with their championship trophy. Universe photo by Jackson Payne.

The BYU men’s soccer team recently beat Minnesota to score a third consecutive NIRSA Collegiate Club national championship title, its fourth in five years and 11th overall. Remarkably, the Cougar kickers have lost only one match in the past five years. Read this Universe report on the team’s continuing success.

Six members of BYU Vocal Point harmonize on a concrete stairwell. Photo by Bradley Slade.

Ever wander through a campus hallway and tested its acoustic potential? Well, BYU Vocal Point recently found a stairwell that sounds amazing for a quick reprise of “Homeward Bound,” a song the group performed seven years ago in a video with the All-American Boys Chorus.

Former BYU track star Courtney Wayment stands in the water of a steeplechase hurdle pit. Photo by Bradley SLade.

“I don’t know how you can’t have joy when you’re racing,” says recent grad Courtney Wayment, who ended her BYU track career with an NCAA record and her fourth national title. Now she’s making waves on the world stage as a professional runner. Check out some stats, stories, and videos from Wayment’s stellar collegiate career.

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