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Welcome Class of 2018
Nearly 6,300 students received degrees at BYU's April graduation ceremonies last week. Here's a recap of this year's commencement ceremony and speakers, including Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Celebrate with the class of 2018 in a gallery of graduation photos or on social media.
Go out there and light a candle. Be a ray of light. Be your best self and let your character shine. —Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
In his commencement address, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland encouraged each BYU graduate to cherish the gospel and be a shining ray of light. "The world needs you, and surely your Father in Heaven needs you." Read or watch his full address or enjoy a 6-minute highlight reel.
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
2018 BYU grad Hannah Bonner, geology
Meet three BYU grads from April's crop of more than 6,000. As a geology student Hannah Bonner led the BYU Mars Rover science team, studied landslide risks in China, and researched toxic algae blooms in Utah Lake. Finance major Ryan Montgomery runs 100-milers at earth's extremes. And music-performance student Kaden Larson overcame juvenile rheumatoid arthritis to become an accomplished pianist.
A baby in hospital blankets with mom
After a year of research in Cambodia and Uganda, a team of BYU students and recent grads is sending its life-saving NeoLife Ventilator off for FDA approval. They created the device, a simplified CPAP machine with ventilation designed for use on infants, to help rural hospitals in developing countries.
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Photo of new UVU president Astrid Tuminez
Raised in poverty in the Philippines, Astrid Tuminez emigrated to Utah at age 18 to study at BYU, later earning advanced degrees at Harvard and MIT. Read about her journey to becoming Utah Valley University's seventh president.
Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, appears in Today Show report
In a digital world, it's still easy to feel disconnected from others. Using ongoing research from BYU psychology and neuroscience professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad, the TODAY Show is looking at ways to help to combat social isolation and forge meaningful, real-life connections.
A young girl and her piano teacher
If we are saved by grace, why all the works? This video vignette depicts a musical analogy from BYU education professor Brad Wilcox's 2011 classic BYU devotional, "His Grace Is Sufficient." You can read, watch, or listen to the full address at BYU Speeches.
Napoleon Dynamite magazine cover made of tater tots
Did you find some tots in your mailbox? If so, take a look behind the scenes of BYU Magazine's crispy cover creation. And be sure to read "It's Still Dynamite," the feature story on how a bunch of BYU undergrads made themselves a dang cult classic.
Cosmo windmills as part of a Napoleon Dynamite dance recreation
Remember the epic dance routine at the end of Napoleon Dynamite? In this campy re-creation of the classic, Cosmo throws on his own moon boots and struts his stuff. Be sure to watch to the end when, in a nod to a decades-old BYU tradition, Cosmo pulls off his mask and reveals the unlikely man behind the moves.
BYU Spectacular! with Kristin Chenoweth
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