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THe words Flashes of Light backed by a body of water with a forested far edge, separated by white lines, illustrating the slabs of a massive concrete wall on a bridge that had small gaps between them. Illustration by Adam Johnson.

In his recent devotional address, general young men president Steven J. Lund shared “flashes of light,” stories of when God’s influence in his life was unmistakable, memories that sustain him amid trials. “If we will be faithful observers of the Spirit, we can come to respect the miracles that illuminate the tapestries of our testimonies and find courage to move forward in enlightened faith,” he taught. Be inspired by this spiritually enriching devotional feature.

Members of a gospel choir with beaming smiles.

February’s celebration of Black History Month at BYU included events and activities ranging from lectures to mini-concerts to Instagram takeovers and a gallery displaying 20 Black Latter-day Saints from the “Century of Black Mormons” database. Watch video highlights and read this overview of how art, music, and faith played a role in BYU’s commemoration of Black History Month.

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A BYU team working at Casas Grandes, an excavation site in northern Mexico.

“Every shovelful of dirt that we pull out is providing new data on the ancient people who thrived in the desert,” says archaeology professor Mike Searcy, who leads a BYU team working at Casas Grandes, an excavation site in northern Mexico. Students and professors have discovered ancient artifacts from a thousand years ago: pottery sherds, hammer stones, maize kernels, and—intriguing at a location 250 miles inland—a shell bead from the Pacific Ocean. Dig into the past with the archaeologists as they gain new perspectives of ancient cultures.

An illustration where students climb on a mountain of computers displaying green flags. One stands on teh top, holding aloft a  captured flag.

While other Las Vegas visitors were passing the night at shows, casinos, and buffets, seven BYU cybersecurity students sat hunched over their laptops in the lobby of the Ellis Island Hotel, deep in a feverish game of data-security capture the flag. Up against talented teams from around the world, the BYU students, all first-timers at the DEF CON international hacking conference in August, were surprised when they found themselves atop the leaderboard. See how they finished in the competition.

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A simple drawing of a phone with the numbers 988 with this text | Of my 10 years working in Congress, this is the thing that I am the most proud of. —Ryan Leavitt

In the latest inspiring short video from BYU Speeches, Elder Bruce C. Hafen shares a lesson he learned as a missionary in Germany from an eager young companion. The experience of relying on the whisperings of the Spirit changed his life, and the lives of many others, forever.

A female BYU student proudly shows the painting she created for a BYU Foundations of the Restoration class..

A new BYU study finds that female Latter-day Saint students who take gap time to serve missions are more likely to later be accepted into limited-enrollment programs and find majors with higher expected salaries. Read why serving missions has such a positive impact on women's educational and career outcomes.

Ambassador Khazar Ibrahim, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, visits with BYU President Kevin J Worthen on BYU’s campus. | Photo by Jaren Wilkey.

“Pickleball saved my life,” says 82-year-old athlete Dick Johnson. In his busy life of work, church, home, and civic responsibilities, he had gained weight, become diabetic, dealt with heart issues, and had his back fused. Tennis was off the table, so Dick and his wife, Lawana, thought they would give pickleball a try. Read about this alum who just can’t quit winning.

Comparison of the modern and historical datasets: BYU/NIC in red, AWI in orange, Halley, Bouvet, and Riou observations in black and Cook's cruise tracks and data points in blue. Photo courtesy Journal of Glaciology.

Growing up, BYU basketball forward Lauren Gustin learned to be scrappy in games with her siblings, which led to a determination to both overcome early emotional challenges and to become one of the best rebounders the BYU women’s basketball program has ever seen. Watch this video profiling this year’s top NCAA rebounder and runner-up in double-doubles.

Economics professor Christian vom Lehn doesn’t let inflated prices stress him—or his wallet—out. Photo by Bradley Slade.

Check out the BYU—For the World YouTube channel and learn ways that the university is benefiting the world. And, if you’d like to support the channel, you could get a beanie to benefit your head! Simply subscribe, and like, comment, or share a video. Then report your success with this handy form. The first 800 subscribers who fill out the form will be mailed an embroidered BYU beanie.

Florence Pestrikoff’s tintype portrait, created by a BYU student-professor team, is on display in the National Portrait Gallery. Photo by Paul Adams and Jordan Layton.

Congrats to the 71 BYU Alumni chapters that achieved True Blue status in 2022 by having a full leadership team and hosting four or more activities to help alumni stay connected. From California to Maine and Texas to Montana, BYU Alumni chapters are hosting student send-offs, game-watch parties, tailgates, 5Ks, performing-arts groups, golf tournaments, and more. All of this effort is to help students and build the BYU community. Chapter volunteers bleed BYU blue and devote their time and energy to stay Connected for Good. Find out more about your local BYU Alumni chapter and how you can connect with other alumni in your area.

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