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BYU Hoops: Old and New School
Retiring two players' jerseys last month, BYU celebrated its 1951 national hoops championship. Here's hoping the nation's no. 1 high school team, with three BYU commits, will help BYU net another. See highlights from '51.
Boys vs. Girls in Math? Bring It
The idea that boys are better at math in competitions has persisted for some time, but a BYU economist shows that it's time for a rematch. Read more in Forbes.
Oblivious to Risk
A BYU professor's research shows that organizations' most powerful people are often less likely to look before they leap. Read more in the Wall Street Journal.
Protecting Your Child's Brain
Parents should be more informed about sports-related brain injuries, says a BYU expert. Read what he says about concussions—and the heightened risks for girls.
Still Killing It 
Who was the most decorated female athlete to play at BYU? Find out and learn how she is still bringing home honors—and making an impact on the court.
Your Turn:
The Best Professors
Religious education professor Richard Cowan, who has taught 40,000-plus students in 52 years, is now BYU's longest-serving professor. He's certainly one of the best loved. Who was your favorite BYU professor?
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