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Bringing the World His Truth
Who wrote your favorite Primary songs? Chances are it was Janice Kapp Perry. Eight of her songs made the top LDS songs of all time. See which tunes made the cut, then watch Perry and her fans sing "Army of Helaman."
Tatooine Under Attack
Pod races on Anakin Skywalker's home planet may have to be cancelled this year due to one fast-moving geologic wonder, says a BYU planetary scientist.
Top 50 Plays
Check out the top 50 BYU football plays of all time with True Blue's Dave McCann—and see which game-winning catch was named no. 1.
"Like" Your Teens
Don't be afraid to connect with kids on Facebook and other social media platforms, say BYU researchers. Find out why families that click together stick together.
How Many Mormons in Your State?
Beating out the likes of National Geographic, Mapping Mormonism won best atlas of the year. Explore selected maps and buy a copy of the atlas.
Your Turn: Best Zzzs on Campus
Nappers beware: Between @BYUsleeps on Instagram and the Harold B. Lee Library Pinterest page, no sleeper is safe from the camera. Where was your favorite place to nap on campus? Tell us and be entered in a drawing to win a BYU blanket.
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