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What I Gained on Biggest Loser
After 15 episodes and more than 150 pounds lost, BYU alumnus Moses Kinikini asked to be voted off the TV show The Biggest Loser. To learn why, watch him tell his story.
Emmys Galore
BYU raked in a record number of student Emmys with flicks Mr. Bellpond, My Hero, and I Am Not My Body. Watch behind-the-scenes video and interviews here.
Do the Parabola
They made it to math's Big Dance, placing in the top 25 for the fourth consecutive year. Now BYU's star mathletes are tasting fame. See their rap video.
Queen of the 800
Nachelle Mackie won the national 800-meter title. BYU is the team to beat in the event, winning three times in the last four years. See Mackie's record time.
Don't Shoot!
Want to survive a bear attack? BYU biologist Tim Smith says a gun should not be the weapon of choice. Here, the bear expert shares what works.

David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
Faith and Doubt
Author and UCSD professor Naomi Oreskes spoke about climate change and a faith-based perspective.
Ghirlandaio to Gaga
See two BYU professors discuss the empire of fashion in Europe and historical moments when fashion mattered most.

A CIA Perspective
CIA historian Nicholas Dujmovic takes a look at Ronald Reagan at the end of the Cold War in this lecture.
Under the Mongols
Boston College professor Sheila Blair discusses how art historians have portrayed the Mongols in Iran.
David O. McKay School of Education
Religion in Therapy
See what a research team including professor Tim Smith found about the role of religion in therapy.
At Their Best
Alumna Tanise Chung-Hoon, who raises money for BYU, loves her job: she gets to see people at their best.
Sweaty Graphs
Utah State's Victor Lee shared how he uses microchips to help K–12 students track their exercise and interpret the data.
Cheater, Cheater
Graduate student TJ Bliss won $6,000 to put toward statistical methods he's developing to detect cheating on exams. See how he catches cheats.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Conversions a Finalist
History professor Craig Harline's book was a finalist for an award sponsored by Harvard and Columbia.
Political Affairs Reading
Check out the most recent BYU Political Affairs Society newsletter, with contributions from the Hawaii, New York, and Washington, D.C., chapters.
Inside the School of Social Work
Read the new School of Social Work newsletter to get to know new faculty members, bid farewell to retiring professors, and catch up on school news.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Good Form!
See the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, one of the best formation ballroom dance teams in the world.

Final Cut–Again!
Napoleon Dynamite got its start at the Final Cut Film Festival. See what this year's student film festival will turn up.
Hopeful Words on Media
In her recent devotional, theatre and media arts chair Amy Jensen encouraged using technology to increase agency.

Synthesis and Friends
BYU's big band jazz ensemble welcomes special guests Alex Boye, Little Big Band, and Chris Bacon.
College of Humanities
Doing Deutsch
See what happened at BYU's first German Week, an event put on with support from the German Embassy.
College of Life Sciences
How Gouda Goes Bad
In a published study, biology professor Keith Crandall explains where cheese  contamination starts.

College of Nursing
Evidence-Based Practice
Bernadette Melnyk, dean of nursing at Ohio State University, shared tips on how to implement an evidence-based practice.
Data Wanted
Data collection can be challenging. See the advice faculty members picked up on how to evaluate data-collection tools.
From Wal-Mart to the Y
Janelle Macintosh was a cashier before she took the steps that led to her current post as BYU's newest nursing professor.
Breaking the Poverty Cycle
Dr. Socorro Gross-Galiano of the Pan American Health Organization discussed health equity at a BYU conference.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
History of Numbers
Ed Burger–who's been called America's Best Math Teacher–visited BYU and put math in the perspective of history.
Aero—and Social—Dynamics
A recent paper airplane competition got busy physics students out of the library and socializing.
Popular Race Cars
Popular Science featured BYU's electric streamliner, which set the land speed record for lightweight race cars.

J. Reuben Clark Law School
In High Places
Fifteen BYU students landed impressive judicial clerkships this year. Read more about two of them.
Good Samaritan Laws
California Supreme Court associate justice Goodwin Liu spoke on "Martin Luther King and the Good Samaritan."
Religious Freedom Upheld
Watch international law expert and professor Cole Durham lecture on important religious freedom cases.

Marriott School of Management
HR and Accounting No. 1
The Financial Times ranked the BYU MBA program's human resources and accounting teaching no. 1 worldwide.
A Check for a Video Gamer
Stripling warriors and other video game characters helped Brad Moss win Student Entrepreneur of the Year.
Take That, Ivy League
A BYU MBA student team beat out Ivy League students for second place at the Wharton Buyout Case Competition.
Invest to End Poverty
The first student-run impact investing firm in the world works with big-time CEOs and helps people invest to curb poverty.
His Grace Is Sufficient
See clips of the devotional BYU Magazine readers are raving about, or watch it in full.
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Making the Top 40
BYU's law and business schools rank among the nation's top 40, says U.S. News.
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There's a Map for That
The library shows off its geospacial mapping technologies in a new exhibit.
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Wartime Saints
German Latter-day Saints caught in World War II tell their stories of survival in a new book.
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