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Art of a car driving through the mountains in the rain. A helicopter flies overhead and the words Thy Troubles to Bless are at the bottom of the picture.
In this BYU Magazine devotional feature, Publications & Graphics director Jeff McClellan shares the faith, love, and insight that caring for a daughter with brain damage brings; the comfort and healing that comes through Christ; and the lesson learned that the gospel is still true in the foyer.
Dignitaries and Ray Beckham's wife stand near the entrance of the new Beckham Lodge at Aspen Grove during the ribbon cutting celebration.
BYU’s Aspen Grove now has a new lodge, named for the late Ray Beckham. Dignitaries and Beckham’s family officially cut the ribbon and celebrated the new accommodations, which will continue the Beckhams’ legacy of building memories.
BYU Store, mission coins: solid metal, gold plated, hand painted. Shop now.
BYU mascot, Cosmo, is lifted into the air during a joint performance with Cosmo, the cheer team, and the dunk team.
Watch Cosmo, the BYU Dunk Team, and the BYU Cheer Squad combine in one incredible performance of flips, stunts, jumps, and dancing—all set to a Queen remix. Bonus clip: see Cosmo and the Cougarettes’ latest dance routine on Bleacher Report.
A student wearing virtual reality goggles reaches out her hands.
In BYU’s Mixed Reality Lab, BYU students from a variety of majors work with the top augmented and virtual-reality technology to create digital experiences for use in medical training, interior design, and gaming.
In three separate photos, students clad in BYU fan gear smile and celebrate getting accepted into BYU.
With acceptance letters out, a new wave of Cougars will be #byubound in 2019. See pictures and posts from the excited new students.
An International Cinema flier features three foreign films. Hearts of Darkness, Farewell, and Ju-Dou.
As BYU’s International Cinema celebrates its 50th anniversary, alumni reminisce about the mind-expanding effect of foreign films and the role the cinema played in their BYU education.
A three-year-old dressed as BYU mascot Cosmo plays a large BYU drum.
Watch this 3-year-old Cosmo-in-training get the home crowd hyped with his new BYU drum, gymnastic feats, and flag-waving expertise.
Students from BYU's advertising program laugh and smile next to a giant Y.
BYU is the best at . . . a lot. Just this month, its advertising program was ranked No. 1, and the BYU marriage and family therapy program was named the No. 1 program of its kind. In addition, BYU is No. 4 for producing Fulbright Scholars and is a top 15 school for making short films. And . . . a BYU art professor was named one of Utah’s top 15 most influential artists.
Astrid Tuminez laughing and posing in a dreen dress in front of a green wall.
Astrid Tuminez, a BYU alum and current president of UVU, was named Person of the Year by Utah Valley Magazine. Read her reflections on her journey and the role BYU played in shaping her life.
Mechanical engineering students and professors stand around a table, looking at and demonstrating developable mechanisms.
BYU engineers are using origami principles to prototype developable mechanisms, a new class of complex devices that can fit compactly into a curved surface, ready to unfold and transform when needed—taking Iron Man’s suit one step closer to reality.
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