First-Gen Success

Navigating college as a first-generation student can be daunting. Even BYU freshman C. Shane Reese, now BYU’s 14th president, nearly packed his bags and headed home. However BYU is actively working to buck the national trends, offering support and guidance for struggling students. Read the inspiring stories of five first-gen students who forged their own paths at BYU.

Illustration by Eliza Anderson/Deseret News.. A textbook with a blue graduation tassel used as a bookmark

Faith and Reason Together

At BYU “we believe that we will succeed in our academic mission, not in spite of our religious mission, but directly and precisely because of it,” write academic vice president Justin Collings and BYU president C. Shane Reese in a recent Deseret News article. Read why they maintain that “we can combine faith and reason as harmonious and complementary ways of knowing the words and works of God.”

A family sitting on the floor playing a game

Podcast: Five Tips for Family Peace

We all want a peaceful life, but achieving it can be challenging. Emily de Schweinitz Taylor, a BYU expert in mediation and conflict resolution, believes that everyone—including toddlers—can learn to navigate conflict effectively. Listen to this new episode of the Y Magazine podcast to learn five ways to deal with disagreement and how to help children do the same. Subscribe to future episodes at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

Two veterans of the Ghost Army are presented with a new medal honoring their service

A Medal for the Ghost Army

Decades after their service on a top-secret World War II project, US soldiers who deceived the Nazis as part of the “Ghost Army” were honored during a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony at the US Capitol. Justin Kunz, a BYU associate professor of illustration, was selected by the US Mint to design the Ghost Army medal. Watch this new video to see Kunz’s medal design and marvel at the artistic, tactical creations of the soldiers.

AI identifies cars and open spots in a parking lot

Rad New Planet

You know your instructor is out of this world when she comes to class with a “minor” announcement. Join BYU geology professor and planetary scientist Jani Radebaugh as she talks about the location of minor planet 45690—near the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter—and why it is now personally relevant.

An aging father and concerned daughter stand close and talk

Prepare to Care

Caring for an aging parent or other loved one is a challenge that impacts nearly all families at one point or another. While it’s easy to shy away from talking about the impacts of age and illness, BYU family-life professor Jeremy Yorgason says the best thing families can do is to have open and candid conversations regularly. Read about four crucial insights that every family member can embrace along the caregiving journey.

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Andy Reid and Guy Fieri stand in front of a giant sandwich and the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives sign

Andy Reid’s Favorite Sandwich

BYU grad and Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid appeared in a recent episode of Guy Fieri's “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on the Food Network. “We're going to a butcher shop that’s also the greatest sandwich shop you’ve ever eaten at,” said Reid. “The real deal.” Go into the kitchen with Reid and Fieri and get cooking tips from the owner and chef of Pigwich. And watch for a sandwich-eating cameo from Andy’s left-hand man and BYU grad, Porter Ellett.

Three BYU Muslim basketball players in royal blue uniforms

Being Muslim at BYU

There’s nothing easy about being thousands of miles away from home amid multitudes who don’t share your faith. And yet three Muslim basketball players at BYU—from Mali, Egypt, and Tanzania—are doing just that. Read why Fousseyni Traoré (left), Aly Khalifa (center), and Atiki Ally Atiki (right) chose a university community filled with members of the Church of Jesus Christ.

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Grad Bash at the Stadium

Know a BYU student who is graduating this month? Well, make sure they know about the party they’ve been studying for. Grad Bash is free for all grads and will take place at LaVell Edwards Stadium on April 12 from 6-10 p.m. Students can register here to attend.

BYU Speeches inspiring short on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Our Source of Hope

As we celebrate Easter and spring, let us rejoice in the truth of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and the promise that it holds for each of us. Watch this BYU Speeches inspiring short video for a compilation of profound messages of Christ’s power in our lives.