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An Experiment on the Word: The World Reads the Book of Mormon
Not-a-planet arguments aside, Pluto definitely has some planet-Earth-like features. And each form comes with a surprising twist: the rugged mountains are made of water ice, a heart-shaped glacier is from nitrogen snow, and the wind-sculpted "sand" dunes are composed of icy methane. See what Jani Radebaugh and other scientists found in images from NASA's New Horizons mission.
BYU Noteworthy sings movie theme
This playlist features 10 music videos from BYU Noteworthy, Vocal Point, and Men's Chorus that combine for more than 87 million YouTube views—starting at 2.4 million and topping out at 38 million. Enjoy these spring-inspired a cappella performances.
Summit Creek: Quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community. Homesites from $300K, mountain chalets from $750K
Four women bask in the fun and learning at BYU Women's Conference
Design a brand new Ping-Pong paddle with a purpose: that's the challenge industrial-design professor David Morgan serves to his sophomore studio class every year. See this diverse gallery of 19 paddles and discover what need is met with each design.
BYU prof Curtis LeBaron in the Marriott School atrium
Corn fields dominate BYU grad George Huber's commute to the University of Wisconsin–Madison each day. But as he passes field after field, the professor of chemical and biological engineering envisions bluer skies, a cooler planet, and revitalized rural communities.
BYU alumni could save up to $519 with Liberty Mutual insurance
This comic depicts a missonary's first encounter with a bowl of octopus tentacles. Hmm, not bad.
LDS missionaries serve all over the world. But few document their daily lives in 628 pages of comics like Brittany Olsen did while sharing the gospel and living in Tokyo, Japan. Olsen’s award-winning work was shown in two different exhibits at BYU's Special Collections.
A curly-haired girl laughs and walks near her mother
A new parenting study led by BYU professor Ali Crandall finds that the greater the emotional control and problem-solving abilities of a mother, the less likely her children are to develop behavioral problems, such as throwing tantrums or fighting.
BYU sociology professor Jonathan Jarvis in front of a monitor displaying a hockey game.
During May, BYU performing groups—from Living Legends to the Wind Symphony to the Ballroom Dance Company to the BYU Singers (above)—shared their talents with audiences in the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany, and Switzerland. And, in case you missed it, here is Ballroom's concert finale video from April.
BYU and Nebraska football players together at the first Catch a Cougar 5K
BYU alumni and friends in the Lincoln Nebraska Chapter chased down enough funds to help six local BYU students at the first Catch a Cougar 5K. The BYU chapter event featured BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum and linebacker Matt Hadley alongside two former Husker players. Read or watch the news story, then find out what's happening at your local BYU Alumni chapter.
Portraits of musical artists Colbie Caillat and David Archuleta
Grammy Award–winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat will be the featured guest at BYU Spectacular! in October. She will be joined by American Idol standout David Archuleta. Tickets will go on sale July 16. Here are some details to help you plan for Homecoming 2018.
Bronze statue depicting Joseph Smith in the Sacred Grove
BYU Speeches has digitized decades of audio to bring you insights on the life and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Watch this video for a taste of this rich collection, taken from addresses by prophets, professors, and other BYU luminaries. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play and watch for a new talk each weekday through June.
Aspen Grove is set in the scenic Wasatch Mountains
Aspen Grove has new, upgraded accommodations, enhanced programs, and a new website. So it's a great time to start—or continue—your own tradition of a family camp or a conference or a getaway at BYU's Aspen Grove.
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