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See the Wonders of Life
The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum reopened with a menagerie of new critters and old favorites. Check out a photo gallery of the museum's holdings (Wolves! Bears! Shasta!), then take a tour with Studio C's Matt Meese.
Death in the Trek
Statisticians recently calculated mortality rates for 56,000 Mormon pioneers. Learn about their surprising findings, and see where researchers found examples of "tender mercies."
A Life Full of Flowers
Brittany Jepsen is coming up roses in the design world, and she's sharing her secrets in this DIY paper tulip tutorial. Take a look at her blog for other quirky, playful ideas.
Magical Spheres
They're just bubbles and water balloons, but if you watch them pop you can soak in an entertaining and fascinating science lesson.
Heart Health = Brain Health
Wondering what you can do to keep your brain sharp as you age? Keep your heart healthy, say researchers in a new BYU study. Read all about it in Health Magazine.
Your Turn:
Food Truckin'

An increasing number of food trucks has been popping up in Provo. Y alumni are contributing and foodies are benefiting. Watch a video on the hip, tasty new scene, then tell us about your favorite college-days dining hangout.
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