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Olympian Jared Ward
BYU grad, adjunct stats professor, and father of two, Jared Ward took third place at the Olympic marathon trials. Now he is off to Rio this summer to represent BYU and Team USA. See how he went from a missionary with a few extra pounds to an Olympic qualifier in this inspiring video.
Liz Wiseman quote
In this BYU forum, top-ranked business thinker and BYU alum Liz Wiseman offers insightful one-liners, thought-provoking leadership ideas, and four things know-it-alls can do to keep learning. Watch the full video, read a quick summary, or visit BYU Speeches on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to share this quote and others with your friends.
BYU campus winter scene
As winter's grip loosens, take a look back at the magical snows that transformed campus, like this path near the botany pond from BYU's Instagram. Or go frolic with alumni who shared jaw-dropping snow stories.
Y Kid at BYU
As dozens of his crimson-clad classmates raised their hands in the shape of a U, 7-year-old Spencer sat quietly in his blue T-shirt with his hands folded. Even the U praised his cool on social media. To celebrate his Y spirit, the BYU ROC invited him to the next basketball game.
The Bridge performance
In a unique collaboration between the School of Music and the front man of alt-rock group Fictionist, BYU premiered The Bridge, an abstract, genre-bending musical. Read the BYU Magazine story or download a free song.
Jani Radebaugh illustration
From the plains of Antarctica to the lava flows of Hawaii, BYU geology professor Jani Radebaugh is drawn to Earth's ends. Read why she loves "baby land" and how she studies distant moons to better understand our planet.
Jani Radebaugh illustration
Adding to their 15-game winning streak, the Cougars beat San Diego last night and secured the West Coast Conference regular-season championship. See images of their win or watch the game on BYUtv.
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