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A watercolor illustration of a red English country home with the words Austen Found at the bottom.
In August 2018 at London’s Gatwick Airport, a BYU senior and two recent BYU grads crammed themselves and their gear into a VW Golf and motored west to Hampshire, careful not to let their right-side-of-the-road driving instincts kill them. So began a journey from Chawton to Bath to Pemberley, wherein three bookish adventurers turned their literary excavation of England into an illustrated travel guide and love letter to Jane Austen. Read their story, then watch a video that shares the travelers’ three favorite places in Jane Austen’s England.
Spencer Fowers standing in front of an underwater computing lab.
Ever wanted to toss your computer into the sea? Well, that’s what BYU grad Spencer Fowers did. To test how well servers perform under water, he and his team from Microsoft dropped a watertight computing lab into the cold waters of Scotland’s Orkney Islands and left them for two years. Read or watch the results of this surprising experiment.
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BYU professor of psychology Niwako Yamawaki.
In a recent devotional Niwako Yamawaki—a psychology professor, domestic abuse researcher, immigrant, and convert—shared how she discovered God and used her faith to understand, endure, and even appreciate pain. “During painful times, somehow, I think about Jesus,” she says, noting that Christ kept his scars “as if He tells me, ‘I love each one of you so much that I was willing . . . to take on your sufferings, so that I can feel fully your pain and identify with each of you.’” Watch highlights, the full address, or read a summary.
Electrical engineering professor Dan Smalley demonstrates a Star Trek battle scene using screenless display technology with lasers to trap and move an illuminated particle.
Inspired by the displays of science fiction like the Holodeck from Star Trek and the Princess Leia projector from Star Wars, a BYU electrical and computer engineering team is working to develop screenless display technologies. Led by professor Dan Smalley, the team uses a laser beam to trap, illuminate, and move a particle around, leaving behind a path of light that floats in midair; it’s like a “3D printer for light.”
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A female BYU student looks at her phone.
Public health officials looking to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates to herd-immunity levels should take note of one easy, low-cost strategy used for flu shots, according to a newly published megastudy coauthored by a BYU professor. The findings showed that sending patients text message reminders to get a flu shot at their routine appointments increased vaccination rates by up to 11 percent.
A smartphone user looks intently at his device whick illuminates his face against a dark background.
Ever wondered if staring at your screen at night makes it harder to fall asleep? It is widely believed that the blue light emitted from phones disrupts melatonin secretion and sleep cycles. But how real is it? Explore the extensive media coverage (at left of linked page) of what psychology professor Chad Jensen and his fellow researchers have learned and published in the journal Sleep Health.
Samoan scientist Stau Segi is underwater wearing scuba gear and taking notes near a coral reef.
Although there are nearly 600 American sub-four milers, only one runner had done it at Utah’s challenging altitude—until last month. At BYU’s annual Robison Invitational, All-Americans Casey Clinger (right) and Lucas Bons (middle) completed the race in 3:59.02 and 3:59.28, respectively, joining an exclusive club with BYU grad and two-time Olympian—and inspiring car-collision survivor—Doug Padilla (left), who achieved his still-unbroken Utah record (3:57.23) back in 1983. Read all the details here.
Simple broccoli salad from Oh, Sweet Basil.
A crowd-pleaser at home or at picnics and potlucks, this Simple Broccoli Salad created by Cade and Carrian Cheney is the perfect side dish to celebrate spring. Craving something more packed with protein? Try this recipe for Creamy Herb Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
Eight members of BYU Noteworthy in a composite image, each in a thin rectangular slice.
To celebrate the five-year anniversary of their most-viewed video, BYU Noteworthy reprised “Amazing Grace” with The Bonner Family, filmed at St. Mary’s Church in Park City.
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