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THe Lord Knows You by Rosemary Thackeray. He hears, sees, and loves you.
“It is the quest of a lifetime to come to know the Savior, to hear Him, to see and recognize His hand in our lives, and to demonstrate our love for Him,” said BYU assistant to the president for assessment and planning Rosemary Thackeray in her 2020 BYU Women’s Conference address. Read about the experiences that have helped her to know that “the Lord has our back [and] will give us the courage and confidence to face any trials that will come our way.”
Detail of a BYU campus sculpture of Chief Massasoit, fall leaves in the background.
You’ve likely passed Massasoit’s campus statue with nary a thought of his part in our Thanksgiving history. Spare a few minutes as BYU history professor Jenny Hale Pulsipher takes you back 400 years with intriguing details of interactions between the Mayflower’s English settlers and the native Wampanoags of Cape Cod.
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BYU and BSU players kneel together on the blue turf in Boise.
After a 52–14 win, BYU’s players were headed off the field when they were invited to join Boise State for a postgame prayer. Get the details, then watch the top five moments from the game. Now that the Cougars are 8-0, what are their chances of going undefeated or playing in a New Year’s bowl? Be sure to wait through the ad to watch SI’s top 10 BYU plays from games pre-Boise.
A blue-gloved hand holds up a chunk of space hardwware.
After years of engineering, testing, and coordinating with NASA’s Launch Services Program, BYU engineers are about to send their 10-centimeter CubeSat into space; their six-sided camera will take and transmit images of a spacecraft in orbit back to Earth. Learn more about the mission, expected to launch in late 2020.
A family says goodbye at the front door.
Boundaries can blur when your home is also your office. Learn tips to improve the way you function—as an employee and a family member—from early telecommuter and BYU expert Jeffrey Hill.
A story on receipt paper is pulled from a dispenser in the BYU library.
Students who want to take a break from their phone screens can grab a quick read from two short-story dispensers on campus. The touch-free devices are akin to vending machines, but instead of dropping a snack, they print out no-cost stories, poems, and essays on eco-friendly paper.
The Prophet Joseph Smith looks to heaven in the Sacred Grove.
Due to COVID-19, an on-campus BYU Education Week has not been possible. However, responding to demand, BYU Continuing Education has created the first fully online BYU Education Week experience. Participants around the world can access 55 on-demand video presentations for the next five months. Here are the details to purchase access so you can start watching today.
A family gathers on a couch to read a picture book and spend time together.
In the tumult of 2020 America—the pandemic, the protests, the presidential electionBYU political scientists have spotted some good news. On average, American families have shown strength despite the year’s challenges, according to results from the annual American Family Survey.
Three illustrated women dance together over the words Girl Gang.
Brooke Smart loved to paint the people around her. But when she divorced, she needed to reinvent herself, moving from being a fine artist to an illustrator of family, motherhood, history, and strong women.
BYU Vocal Point singers in railroad attire join with a children's choir in Christmas pajamas.
“You have everything you need, if you just believe.” BYU Vocal Point hopped on the Polar Express to share some Christmas magic with their performance of “Believe,” featuring the Rise Up Children’s Choir. (This video was filmed with extensive health measures and guidance from the county health department.)
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