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Meet six of the 6,000 BYU students and alumni who live in the D.C. metro area, working in the spotlight and behind the scenes to help build a more perfect union. And see the capital's iconic monuments as captured by photographer Bradley Slade. Happy President's Day!
The happiest people follow God

Elder Quentin L. Cook warned us to be wary of the adversary’s dishonest marketing and shared how happiness comes to those who follow Heavenly Father’s plan. Read a summary, watch highlights or the full devotional, or download the audio from the new BYU Speeches website.

Vote against cancer by voting for Coach Dave Rose
A police officer crouches behind a bulletproof shield
An origami-inspired, lightweight bulletproof shield created by BYU engineers could soon be deployed to protect law enforcement in hostile situations. See slo-mo video of it stopping handgun bullets. This tech and other origami research is featured in a new Nova episode on PBS: the BYU segment begins at 39:12.
Studio C visits Conan
Conan O’Brien’s kids love Studio C’s clean comedy, so he invited the sketch comedy stars to his late-night show. See how the comedians handled the national spotlight.
12-time bridesmaid Janessa James
When her friend Amy wanted romantic, windswept bridal photos, “extremely-single” Janessa James, a BYU senior and 12-time bridesmaid, dove right in to make it happen. Learn why this train-throwing photo went viral at ABC News, Us Weekly, or Deseret News. (Photo by Chloé Epperson)
Crawl underground with grad student Wesley “GrizKid” Larson, who loves wildlife so much that he will get closer than is comfortable in order to track and protect earths creatures.
Professor Brad Wilcox says the key to honor is consistency
It’s #BYUHonorWeek. Watch one or all of the video features from BYU students, professors, athletes, and coaches sharing what honor means to them.
Nominate alumni for university awards
Did you know you can nominate fellow BYU alumni for annual University Awards at Homecoming? For 2017, nominations must be sent by Feb. 28. Learn about the different award categories and criteria, then submit your nomination.
Sally and Lon Brown at 70 Years of Marriage
What does enduring love look like? Alum Stephani Jarstad photographs marriages that have stood the test of time.
Drive home a smart auto loan from DFCU
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