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BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe dressed as Aladdin for Halloween.
You’re never too old to dress up. Students and faculty celebrated Halloween on campus this year by dressing as a T-Rex (on a date), the cast of Harry Potter (aka the Marriott School), and BYU chocolate milk (yum). Scared of clowns? Avoid this photo of the women’s basketball team. BYU’s athletic director and Halloween pro Tom Holmoe made the genie from Aladdin appear. In years past, Holmoe has transformed into Abraham Lincoln, Voldemort, the Mad Hatter, and Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco.
A scene from an animated film shows Grendel the dragon thoughfully perched on a rock, his trusty goat lawnmower chomping at the lush green grass.
Grendel, an animated film created by BYU students, claimed victory at the 46th annual Student Academy Awards. The 8-minute film follows a cookie-baking dragon as he attempts to befriend his new Viking neighbors. With this win, Grendel is now eligible to compete in the 2019 Oscars.
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Paul Adams stand next to a giant tintype camera.
This fall, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery features a striking image created by two BYU alums. BYU photography professor Paul Adams and recent grad Jordan Layton set out to capture the likenesses of some of the last speakers of rare and endangered languages—using the breathtaking Civil War–era tintype technique.
BYU golfer Peter Kuest wearing a BYU hat and rotal polo shirt swings at a golf ball causing a spray of grass.
Ranked No. 1 in the Arnold Palmer Cup, BYU junior Peter Kuest has quickly risen to the top. Kuest began playing golf at a young age but didn’t hit his stride until his sophomore year of high school when he had a motivational conversation with his father. Read more about Kuest’s decision to golf at BYU.  
The words Super and Market set in a comic style, sharing the opening of a new exhibit at BYU's Museum of Art on December 6, 2019.
A closeup of a detail from the Lego model of the BYU academy shows grads on the red stairs stairs getting their picture taken near the central fountain.
When adults play with Lego bricks, sometimes you get a sophisticated scaled model of the original Brigham Young Academy (now the Provo City Library). Dave Jungheim, an administrator in BYU’s MBA program and accomplished Lego artist did just that in a work now on display in the BYU Store. Check out the model and see if you can spot Brigham Young or Obi-Wan Kenobi roaming the grounds.
Cosmo Cougar and Willy Wolverine accompany students holding can goods for the Valley United Against Hunger food drive Nov. 11-23.
When Cougars and Wolverines clash, hungry families win. You can be a part of the largest food drive in Utah County by dropping off non-perishable food in bins across campus or donating cash online or at the BYU Store, the Cougareat, and BYU Creamery locations. Every dollar donated is the equivalent of three meals or 15 pounds of food for a family in need.
A young man sits in between two people at an event. He looks out of place and uncomfortable.
A young man sits in between two people at an event. He looks out of place and uncomfortable.
“Total solar eclipse—Buenos Aires/Santiago,” “Cumorah Pageant,” “Mom trip,” “Watch for service opportunity,” and “Paris Disney/temple” are a few of the 2019 entries on a white board that hangs on BYU grads Steve and Merissa Hunt’s kitchen wall. Learn how their intentional approach to life began with Steve’s dissatisfaction with his accounting job.
A young man sits in between two people at an event. He looks out of place and uncomfortable.
Researchers from BYU, MIT, and Harvard are redrawing the evolutionary tree. Based on research gathered on butterflies, researchers believe for many species, evolution is more complex than the tree diagram we have all been taught. Instead of a tree, they believe the process is more like a network or bush. Read more about their findings.
BYU mascot Cosmo prepares to make a parkour jump near the Heritage Halls dorms.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Jared Ward. The BYU stats professor was the top American finisher (sixth place) in last weekend’s New York City marathon; his fellow alum Connor McMillan, took 10th. Earlier in the week Ward and two more BYU grads, Jono DiPeri and Shaquille Walker, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch MyoStorm, a massage-therapy ball. Their presentation resulted in a heated discussion and offers from all five sharks. See who they chose.
BYU alumni now qualify for academic discounts on Apple products
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