BYU Men's Chorus performs in the concert hall of BYU's new Music Building

Early Easter Gift

Begin your spring remembrance of the Savior’s Resurrection by watching this uplifting performance of “Were You There?” by the BYU Men’s Chorus. This hymn, arranged by James Ray, reflects on Jesus Christ’s life, sacrifice, and Resurrection. The chorus’s new EP, He Sent His Son features four additional songs for digital download/streaming.

A BYU alum works on a table saw on the side of a building

Podcast: Going Forth—It’s What We Do

A new episode of the Y Magazine podcast features three stories of BYU alumni finding fun and inspiring ways to serve. Listen to discover how the Dunns pay forward medical aid to needy families, how the Paynes support foster children, and how the aptly named Val Farmer promotes mental health in farming communities. Subscribe to future episodes at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

Nine examples of videos showing real-world math solutions

Put Math to the Test

Real-world problems sparked the curiosity of BYU math-education professor Doug Corey, leading to his YouTube channel devoted to visually demonstrating theoretical math concepts. From calculating the perfect bottle flip to understanding how much force is behind a penny dropped off a skyscraper, Math the World videos answer the age-old student question, “When will I ever use this?”

A group of BYU cheerleaders in blue and white uniforms

Cheery Service

The 2024 Big 12 Phillips 66 Basketball Championship in Kansas City was a memorable first-time experience for the BYU cheer squad who were right there, cheering on the Cougars and amping up the crowd. And while what happened in the T-Mobile Center was fun, it’s the things that happened away from the arena that made a special kind of impact.

BYU Women's Conference | May 1-3 | Be part of something extraordinary
AI identifies cars and open spots in a parking lot

Can AI Help Park Your Car?

Enterprising BYU students are using AI technology to alleviate parking issues and minimize violations in paid lots. This effective solution recently won the 2024 BYU Student Innovator of the Year competition, earning the $12,000 first prize.

Friends and family of senior guard Kaylee Smiler perform the Haka on BYU's senior night.

Haka Shock

BYU women’s basketball player Kaylee Smiler knew she would be honored on senior night. But she didn’t anticipate that her parents would fly in from New Zealand or that her friends and family would surprise her by performing a haka, a ceremonial dance and an important part of Maori traditions. Check it out.

Utah Marriage Commission at Utah State University | Providing Utahns with free Marriage Preparation and Education | Since 1998
Four women BYU devotional speakers are shown for Women's History Month

Women Speaking Up

March is Women’s History Month. With gratitude for all of the women who have shared their expertise and testimonies in campus devotionals, BYU Speeches has curated this YouTube playlist.

BYU Concert Choir performs Under the Willow She's Sleeping

A Song of Sorrow and Hope

Evoking themes of love, loss, and longing, the BYU Concert Choir performs the hauntingly beautiful “Under the Willow She's Sleeping,” arranged by choir conductor Brent Wells. The choral piece, part of the choir's EP In Memoriam, is accompanied by a BYU session orchestra. Hear the song, with its hopeful Easter conclusion, in this new music video.

BYU Speeches inspiring short on observation, reason, faith, and revelation

Tools for Revelation

In this inspiring short video pulled from Elder Dale G. Renlund’s 2023 Education Week devotional, learn how observation, reason, and faith can work together to facilitate revelation. You can also read or watch Elder Renlund’s recent devotional: “Stronger and Closer Connection to God Through Multiple Covenants.”