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A comic-style illustration of six students all raising their hands in a Zoom class. The text says How to win at online learning.
Anyone you know getting tired of hour after hour of Zoom school? BYU experts weigh in on how to make online learning work for your family in this article from the newly redesigned Y Magazine. Read it here or check your mailbox for the latest issue.
Two students roll gnocchi on their kitchen table. A laptop computer shows the teacher and additional students who are cooking together via their online class.
Missing the connection with her students during the pandemic, BYU Italian professor Marie Orton hosted a series of cooking classes over Zoom. Watch as Orton’s Italian 361 class learns how to make the Italian comfort food gnocchi; this recipe will feed four dinner guests—or “one missionary.”
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Utah Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson, pictured in February at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City. Photo by Rick Bowmer/AP.
After setting aside her education for a time for family and other priorities, Utah lieutenant governor Diedre Henderson is on track to earn her BYU degree this year. She just needs internship credits. Listen on NPR how Henderson landed an internship in her own office.
Dramatic clouds against a pale blue sky with the words I can see the light.
Two BYU-built CubeSats were successfully deployed into orbit on Jan. 17 as part of a historic Virgin Orbit flight. The Passive Inspection CubeSats (PICS), featuring six cameras for photographing spacecraft, were carried aboard a rocket launched from the wing of a Boeing 747. Take a closer look at the engineering behind these tiny satellites.
Eight members of BYU Vocal Point presented Brady-Bunch style with brightly colored blocky backgrounds with the word Dynamite superimposed.
Bright harmonies by BYU Vocal Point and slick dancing by the Young Ambassadors highlight this colorful music video. Practice your “Dy-na-na-na, na-na, na-na, ayy,” then sing along to this cover of the BTS hit “Dynamite.”
Standing in front of the Engineering Building, Cosmo holds a sign that reads BYU engineering Rube Goldberg Challenge.
Following Cosmo’s over-the-top-of-the-stairs example, students and alumni participated in the first-ever BYU Engineering Rube Goldberg Challenge. See the video of finalists and vote for your favorite on social media before midnight.
Closeup of a succulent pork roast coated in dripping glaze.
What smells so good? BYU grad and food blogger Leigh Anne Wilkes uses her not-so-secret weapon—the humble slow cooker—to create chipotle butternut squash soup and parmesan honey pork roast (above). Get the recipes.
Concrete, rebar, and cinder blocks are visible in this image of the Music Building construction, backed by a dramatic blue sky with wispy clouds.
During the long intermission of in-person concerts, construction crews seem to have been working prestissimo on the new Music Building. Check in on the live webcams and see their progress. Then check out what fine-arts performers are sharing online this month.
A tin-type photograph of a Black woman.
BYU photography student Madison Casagranda recently placed as a finalist in a Communication Arts (CA) competition, and her work with tintype photography will be featured in the prestigious CA publication. Meet the artist and see more of her work in this Facebook video.
Red candy nonpareils arranged in a heart shape.
Enter now to win a Valentine Prize Pack with candy, two T-shirts, and a plush Cosmo from BYU Alumni and the BYU Store. Share some info and a brief story of your most memorable date (optional) and you’ll be entered into a drawing. Happy Valentine’s Day!
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