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Brown, red, yellow, and white tiled mosaic of a face with title, Tile Tales from Galilee
Recent BYU grad Bryan Bozung was excavating a pit on the grounds of an ancient Jewish synagogue in 2012 when he discovered tile floors that had not seen the light of day for more than a millennium. See the colorful scenes, the three fish swallowing Jonah, the tools and tech used to build the Tower of Babel, and the elephants arrayed for battle.
The Karl G. Maeser Building in the spring
BYU’s Honor Code Office (HCO) has been meeting recently with students to address concerns raised over HCO processes. In a letter sent to students this week, HCO director Kevin Utt explains some of the changes that have been made to date as a result of those conversations and an ongoing review of HCO procedures.
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Architect's conceptual rendering of the new lounge space for the Cougareat
Have you ever wished you could get BYU’s famous chocolate milk out of a fountain? Or that you could slide down a mini Y Mountain? Well, your wishes are becoming a reality. Before Education Week this year, BYU will add a milk fountain and major chain restaurant to the Cougareat and an interactive learning center to the BYU Store. But it doesn’t stop there. Find out about all of the changes we’ll be seeing this summer.
A rocket booster shoots flames and creates steam in a remote snowy area
Sending payloads into space could soon be within the reach of the general public. BYU student Riley Meik presented his plan for affordable rocket flights at the Marriott School’s annual Student Innovator of the Year competition, winning first place and $7,000. This new startup, Sugarhouse Aerospace, offers flights that people can use to send items into space for as little as $1,000. Their first launch is scheduled for Dec. 14, 2019.
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The extraordinary life and character of pilot, surgeon, and investor Enos LaVar Jones (here with his wife, Elaine) led to far-sighted generosity. Photo by Brad Slade.
LaVar Jones was a master of investing, a maxillofacial surgeon, a generous donor, a pilot, and a centenarian. The BYU alum also enjoyed silversmithing as a hobby and called a cruise ship home for the last years of his life. Read more about this remarkable philanthropist.
BYU women’s rugby holds the national championship trophy. The jerseys worn in the championship game were the same jerseys that were worn during the Cougars’ first game as a recognized sport with BYU in 2015. Photo by BYU women’s rugby
Sporting jerseys worn during the first game women’s rugby played as a BYU-recognized sport in 2015, on May 4 the BYU women’s rugby team dominated Virginia Tech 48–0, taking home its first D1 college championship title.
Ruben Valencia rests his hand on the flag-draped casket of his best friend Raul Guerra.  Photo by Dania Maxwell of the Los Angeles Times.
For decades U.S. soldier Raul Guerra was listed as missing in Vietnam. But through the help of BYU genealogy students, Guerra’s remains were returned home to waiting family and friends. These students continue to work with the Army and Defense MIA/POW Accounting Agency to bring more soldiers home.
A waterfall cascades down the hill south of campus
This year Forbes ranked BYU No. 1 on its 2019 list of Best Value Colleges. BYU’s total cost was listed at $18,370. Princeton, ranked second, had a total cost of $66,150. Forbes ranks schools based on quality, net price, student debt, and alumni earnings.
Students represent the eight performing groups heading to China: The Chamber Orchestra, Folk Dance, Ballroom Dance, Young Ambassadors, Living Legends, Vocal Point, the Cougarettes, and the Dunk Team
In 1979 BYU student performers traveled to China and put on a show that made history. This summer, BYU celebrates that anniversary with a return tour that highlights the relationship BYU and China now share. More than 200 performers and crew from eight groups will display their talents in shows in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. Scroll down for preview videos from several of the participating groups.
The BYU Cougarettes, dressed in flowing black dresses, twirl and jump during a preview of their China routine.
Here is a preview of the jazz routine the Cougarettes, accompanied by the BYU Chamber Orchestra, will be performing in China.
Native American Michael Goedel wears traditional attire as he performs a hoop dance near dramatic redrock formations in the American West.
Watch Living Legends member Michael Goedel perform a Native American hoop dance near iconic redrock formations in the American West.
In a dark and dramatically lit gym, a male member of the BYU Dunk Team is captured as he jumps horizontal left and above a basketball rim, angling a smoking basketball down for a dunk

BYU’s Dunk Team leaves the nets smoking in this exciting routine that they will perform in China.

Two members of BYU's International Folk Dance, one male and one female, wear western costumes, join hands, and prepare to tap dance
Watch BYU’s International Folk Dance Ensemble clog its way through a rousing dance accompanied by BYU's Mountain Strings band.
Sparkly costumed performers gather to give a hand to a central singer wearing a top hat
Sporting sparkly jackets, BYU’s Young Ambassadors perform “Come Alive” from the popular musical The Greatest Showman. Watch and see how they compare to Hugh Jackman and the professional cast.
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