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Photos of ethnically diverse BYU staff and students appear on the cover of the Report and Recommendations of the BYU Committee on Race, Equity, and Belonging.
BYU’s Committee on Race, Equity, and Belonging recently completed its study and offered 26 recommendations to the administration. The university also released key findings from a diversity and equity campus-climate survey of nearly 20,000 members of the BYU community. The purpose of both endeavors was to help the university better understand and address people’s experiences with diversity and belonging, as well as to develop plans to improve the campus experience for all students and employees. Access the full report with its 26 recommendations, read the Deseret News summary, or listen to an NPR interview with BYU law professor and committee member Michalyn Steele.
A father reaches out his hand to his daughter.
In his classic 1990 BYU devotional, Stephen E. Robinson explains that “no matter how hard we try, we come up short” in our journey to return to our heavenly parents. Watch this inspiring parable of a father’s love for his daughter, wherein Robinson describes how our Heavenly Father demonstrated His love for us by sending His Son to atone for our sins—to “make up what we yet lack of perfection.”
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Wearing blue and gold graduation robes, President Kevin J Worthen stands at the Marriott Center podium, a US flag in the foreground.
After careful consideration of the present circumstances and in an effort to comply with federal, state, and Church guidelines, the decision has been made for BYU’s commencement ceremony on April 22, 2021, to be held virtually. The event will be broadcast live on BYUtv from the Marriott Center. Also due to COVID-19 concerns, BYU’s summer study-abroad programs have been canceled.
A climber in an orange jacket uses ice climbing gear to ascend a frozen waterfall.
Creating the world’s largest ice climbing wall, filled with “dragon’s breath” and “hangfire,” is a work of science and art. In this PBS mini-documentary, BYU chemistry professor Brian Woodfield explains the unique freezing techniques ice farmers use to make the best ice.
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BYU’s Tangents Percussion Quartet perform Montañesa in a snowy alpine meadow.
If you haven’t yet heard BYU’s Tangents Percussion Quartet, take a moment to enjoy the group’s performance of Montañesa. This beautiful work was written by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla and arranged by BYU professor Darren Bastian.
Tiffany Ivins Spence visits with a Pakistani woman near a field with green stalks.
Tiffany Spence’s goal for every place she visits? To deliver resources in a way that allows community members to establish priorities based on their unique culture. “There is no steamrolling or pushing of any agenda,” Spence explains. “Our goal is to figure out how to empower and mobilize locals to take literacy and education in their own hands and run with it.” Get inspired by Spence and other BYU grads who “go forth to serve” in myriad ways.
Samoan scientist Stau Segi is underwater wearing scuba gear and taking notes near a coral reef.
When Tava’ilau “Stau” Segi first began studying marine biology at BYU–Hawaii, he was the only Polynesian student in the program and one of just a few majoring in any of the sciences. When his friends told him to avoid science, he didn't listen. Instead he parlayed his passion for the ocean into a degree. Read all about Segi’s educational journey from Samoa to Hawaii to Provo, where he is pursuing a PhD in conservation biology.
A family gathers for a turkey dinner.
Nothing can spoil a family gathering or ruin relationships faster than voicing strong political opinions. Learn three ways to improve political discussions with family and friends in “Abandoning the Art of War,” an informative article from BYU Law’s Clark Memorandum.
Eight members of BYU Noteworthy in a composite image, each in a thin rectangular slice.
In their latest video, current members of BYU Noteworthy speak to the group’s history, identity, and purpose. Learn why this all-female collegiate a cappella group is all about empowering women and uplifting others through the power of music.
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