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A beautiful honeybee collects nectar and pollen from a glowing yellow blossom.

Ever seen a honeybee do a waggle dance? Research shows that the insect’s groovy moves are a sophisticated signal—akin to GPS—sharing the precise location of a food source with other bees. So a busy team of BYU computer scientists has created a program to decode the dance in real-time; they are also working on an artificial bee that could communicate and send pollinators buzzing to a specific field. Learn more and watch some beautiful bee-roll.

BYU geography professor Brandon Plewe has studied how early Pioneer saints established the church in the Utah desert and says he’s impressed by their dedication and faith that brought order to the burgeoning frontier. Illustration of handcart pioneers and Utah mountains by Chalet Moleni.

Quick, can you name the oldest operating church meetinghouse in Utah? How about multiple choice: the Bountiful Tabernacle or the historic Rock Church in Farmington? BYU geography professor Brandon Plewe and a team of students are working to map historic buildings as part of an interactive database of places significant to the history of the Church. Read more about the project and see if your ward or stake is old enough to have a place on the map so far (1830–1930).

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Dressed in concert black, Savannah Jones looks down at a shiny black piano in BYU's Music Building.

BYU piano performance grad student Savannah Jones started the Instagram account @sav.plays.piano back in 2019 to connect with other musicians and feel a sense of classical-music community in the solitude of hours spent practicing. Wearing comfy jeans in a cozy practice room in BYU’s new Music Building, now she regularly performs for an audience of more than 53,000.

Kenneth Rooks raises his arms as he wins the steeplechase. NBC Sports.

If you missed Kenneth Rooks’s gutsy comeback from a fall to the US National Championship, you have to see it. Then take a moment to read his recent interview with the Church News as Rooks reflects on the memorable race, the fall, the comeback, and how being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ has blessed his life. “That was special,” Rooks said. “I definitely didn’t think going into the weekend that my performance would turn into a fireside talk full of gospel analogies.”

kiln. Provo | Boutique coworking and flex office space. Opening September 5.
Greg McKeown, pictured, has helped millions learn to live the essential life.

Feeling like you’ve whittled down your responsibilities to the absolute essentials but can’t seem to shake utter exhaustion? You are not alone. Join Y Magazine podcast host Whitney Archibald as she talks to Greg McKeown, BYU grad and the best-selling author of Essentialism and Effortless, about his personal journey from burnout to simplicity. You can also read an article about McKeown in Y Magazine.

Bright green on the library roof contrasts with the dirt being prepared for the new Arts Building.

Amid prep work for the new Arts Building and a project to re-seal the roof of the underground library, BYU’s central campus is abuzz this summer with rumbling trucks and workers in vests and hard hats. See the transformation with this aerial video.

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Landscape painting by Maynard Dixon (1875-1946), Mesas in Shadow, 1926, oil on canvas, 30 1/4 x 40 inches. Photo by Brigham Young University Museum of Art, 1937.

BYU has the largest collection of Maynard Dixon paintings in the world, and, for the first time in 25 years, BYU’s Museum of Art is temporarily displaying its collection. Learn details of the exhibit from the curator, art-history professor Kenneth Hartvigsen, who discusses what inspired bringing many Dixon paintings out of storage and organizing the gallery based on themes from Dixon’s poetry.

Shown here holding her camera, BYU student photographer Brooklynn Jarvis Kelson was named UPAA Student Photographer of the Year.

A senior in BYU’s photography program, Brooklynn Jarvis Kelson was recently named the national Student Photographer of the Year by the University Photographers’ Association of America. Learn about some special moments Kelson has experienced—and captured with her camera—as a BYU student employee. And take a look at all of BYU Photo’s 2023 UPAA award winners.

Day in the Life with Kody Epps | Big 12 Media Days Edition | Epps and Kedon SLovis stand on an airport runway, filming with a camera on a selfie stick.
See BYU’s first Big 12 Media Day through the eyes of football wide receiver Kody Epps. Join in the fun as he narrates his experience with fellow football players, Tom Holmoe, Kalani Sitake, and the other BYU reps who traveled to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Here is the official recap and photo gallery, as well as tweets and quotes from the event.
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