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An Experiment on the Word: The World Reads the Book of Mormon
Read the BYU Magazine article that went viral. It's about how the BYU AdLab invited people in cities around the world to read just one page of the Book of Mormon. See what happened when they did.
BYU Noteworthy sings movie theme
Spoiler alert: the latest release from the ladies of Noteworthy is all about moms and babies. This cover of the Tarzan theme "You'll Be in My Heart" by Phil Collins pays tribute to mothers and mother figures everywhere.
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Four women bask in the fun and learning at BYU Women's Conference
It’s impossible to get to every class at BYU Women's Conference, but everyone can read four inspiring highlights: on receiving revelation, dealing with failure, finding answers through faith, and learning how God shows His love.
BYU prof Curtis LeBaron in the Marriott School atrium
In a world where video is everywhere, BYU management professor Curtis LeBaron says the the medium is still a relatively untapped research tool. Learn how he's harnessing video data to help organizations improve.
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BYU Singers perform in the de Jong Concert Hall
From a live concert in the de Jong Concert Hall, the BYU Singers share "The Music of Stillness" by Elaine Hagenberg. Enjoy this calming rendition.
BLOOOMing BFA artist Julian Harper
From pop-culture artist Julian Harper (above) to landscaping champs to ROTC standoutsY students have earned an impressive number of top honors in the last six months. See the list of brag-worthy accomplishments and guess which BYU sport won a national championship this year.
Brooktynn Zendejas Blood and Jordan Zendejas
Ed Zendejas shared his love of law with his children, and Brooktynn Zendejas Blood and Jordan Zendejas both followed him in becoming tribal judges, the daughters on the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska. Learn about this family who tries to listen more than they judge.
Graphic with the most popular BYU majors since 1980
For three decades, management was the top major for male students and elementary ed for female scholars. Can you guess the most popular majors today?
Portrait of Brigitte C. Madrian
This just in: Brigitte C. Madrian will be the ninth dean of the BYU Marriott School of Business. Madrian currently serves as a professor and area chair in Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; she will begin her five-year term at BYU next January. Learn more about her impressive career.
Debbie Valenzuela visits with a Congolese refugee family
Debbie Valenzuela and her husband, Elio, befriended a Congolese refugee family in Iowa. But Google Translate was falling short in helping them find childcare. Learn about the "little miracle" that helped them find the resources they needed. Then read about 49 other BYU alumni going forth to serve in every state.
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