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Cougar fans
The most storied rivalry in the West. The War-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named. Bronco’s last BYU bash. Whatever you call it, when you mix red and blue in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl on Saturday, you get the hottest ticket beyond the double suns of Tatooine.
Days before Jimmy Fallon released his (admittedly awesome) a cappella Star Wars medley, BYU Noteworthy released their own—and it’s epic.
In a galaxy not so far away, electrical engineering professor Daniel Smalley is using the force in his efforts to make Star Wars-worthy video holograms a reality.
Vocal Point and Noteworthy
Christmas just came early with Vocal Point and Noteworthy’s new take on “Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful,” a collaboration spearheaded by BYU’s Laycock Center. And don't miss Vocal Point's recently released "Silent Night" and Trans-Siberian tribute.
Lindsey Stirling
Looking for Y ties in the Church’s “12 Days of Social” campaign? Watch Lindsey Stirling play a haunting subway “Hallelujah,” learn about the fourth wise man from Studio C, and see Nathan Pacheco duet with David Archuleta.
Star Wars plane
Our beloved droid is just in time: thanks in part to help from alum Steven LeBaron, you can fly in high sci-fi fashion in a Boeing 787 modeled after R2-D2—a sweet ride for any Jedi.
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