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A School of Fish in Alaska
BYU students are conducting important research on climate change while catching halibut and rockfish and having the adventure of a lifetime. Learn what an otolith is and what it can teach us about ocean changes by viewing this video about BYU's mentoring expedition to Alaska's Admiralty Island.
Christ is not waiting at the finish line once we have done “all we can do.” He is with us every step of the way.
USA Today just ranked the Provo metro area as the nation's best-performing economy among big cities and credited BYU with providing "a major pipeline of workers and start-ups." This new BYU Magazine cover story shares how grads in management, engineering, computer science, and other fields started up and continue to fuel the economic engine of northern Utah's thriving tech industry.
Largest selection of nativities at Deseret Book
“If we will view our daily experiences in light of the gospel paradigm, we will find joy in unexpected ways.” —President Kevin J Worthen.
In the first devotional of 2018, President Kevin J Worthen spoke about the Plan of Salvation and Sister Peggy Worthen shared ways to trust in ourselves and in God. Watch highlights or full addresses or download audio at BYU Speeches.
Cosmo dances with Cougarettes
In the dead of an August night, former BYU swim team captain Kurt Dickson braved frigid waters, shifting ocean currents, and shipping lanes in his crossing of the English Channel.
BYU Store's leather bags sale
Shiny red Coke can
Help BYU men's basketball coach Dave Rose support cancer research by voting for him in the ESPN Coaches Charity Challenge. You can vote once per day, through four rounds. The first round ends January 21.
Six straight sweet sixteen wins for women's volleyball
A recent study by BYU health science professor Lori Spruance finds that millennials who binge-watch TV (watching up to six consecutive hours of media in one sitting) are more likely to eat poorly, exercise less, and be overweight. The survey also revealed that one gender is more likely to binge-watch TV on a weekly basis.
Shiny red Coke can
Slithering in at 48 feet long and weighing 1.5 tons, Titanoboa ruled the tropics 60 million years ago. Now a realistic replica and two vertebrae casts made from the original fossils are on exhibit at the Bean Life Science Museum (until March 17).
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