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Two Thumbs Up for BYU Hoops
The WCC basketball tournament starts tomorrow. Will BYU prevail over league-leading Gonzaga again? See photos from the Cougars' Feb. 20 win over the Zags, then watch President Samuelson lip sync for the team.
Why Breastfed Babies Are Smarter
Breastfed babies score higher on IQ tests. Is it how they're fed? Something in the milk? Nope, say BYU professors; the  brain boost stems from something else.
Experience BYU's National Parks
Three BYU students make up the National Parks, a folk band that is climbing the charts and scoring music for this U.S. National Parks project. Hear them play.
Killer Protein
While studying a different protein, a BYU team stumbled onto the highly sought after Programmed Cell Death Protein 5. See what researchers hope it can kill.
Painting Memories
After a career in corporate communications, alum Larry Macfarlane has taken up the brush, painting people's family history, pets, homes, and more.
Your Turn:
Y Views

Yes, alum Jeff Yates is surfing in a BYU T-shirt. His photo was published in BYU Magazine's "Y Views," which showcases where readers have taken the Y. Check out galleries of Y Views on Facebook and Instagram, then share a photo of your own for a chance to win some new BYU gear.
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