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Stacy Taniguchi—a BYU professor, wilderness guide, and consultant—stands near red rocks, draped in climbing ropes and wearinga helmet.
BYU professor Stacy Taniguchi believes in planning and living to thrive. His 100 list had him climbing the world’s highest peaks, swimming through New Zealand caves to see glowing worms, and building his own house. Learn more about his list and how to make your own.
Six movie and video game characters from BYU's award-winning animation program, including a dragon, a ram, and a couple in love.
While BYU animation students are unlikely to shout, “We’re No. 1!” they certainly could—Animation Career Review named BYU’s bachelor’s program the best in the country. Screen films like Ram’s Horn, Taijitu, or Kites, and you’ll see why BYU grads go to work for studios like Pixar and DreamWorks.
Dwight in Shining Armor premieres March 18 at 7:30 p.m. MT on BYUtv
A black and white portrait of Jeffrey R. Holland (standing) and Patricia Holland (seated in a leather chair) at the desk of the BYU president. Volumes of books line the wooden shelves behind them.
In the ’80s then–BYU president Jeffrey R. Holland and his wife, Patricia, often stood and spoke together for a first-of-the-semester devotional. One time they shared stories from their first days at BYU as young married students wondering if they could measure up. Watch the highlights or read all of “Some Things We Have Learned—Together.”
The five members of the Canadian Brass ensemble lean in and smile for this tighyly cropped portrait.
You could win two tickets to see one of the world’s leading brass quintets, Canadian Brass, as they join the BYU Wind Symphony for a fun and unforgettable evening of classical music. Don’t miss these game-changing musicians as they bring their creativity, humor, and love of performing to BYU on Tuesday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m.
After Promontory: Opens March 29 at the BYU Museum of Art.
This detail from the stained glass window of the Rome Italy temple's visitors center used stones from BYU's geology collection. The Rome Italy temple can be seen through one of the clear stones at bottom left.
After a special request from Tom Holdman—the artist who was creating a stained-glass mural for the Church’s new Rome Italy Temple visitors center—BYU professors Jani Radebaugh and Jeffrey Keith scoured the university’s collection for beautiful stones to represent the 12 tribes of Israel.
Jahshire Hardnett, a junior basketball player stand holding a basketball near a rustic outdoor backboard. Thin white clouds and a blue-gray sky provide a dramatic backdrop.
Jahshire Hardnett, a junior basketball player from Gulfport, Mississippi, shares how the influence of his family and others helped him succeed on and off the court and learn to never take anything for granted. This is the sixth Athlete’s Journal video posted by BYU Athletics.
A balck and white engagment-style photo shows Emily Hardman and Rob Reading in an embrace.
In 2017, the New York Times and Good Morning America featured how BYU grad Emily Hardman Reading planned her wedding in five days. But that’s only a small part of the BYU grad’s story; she is the PR mastermind behind five U.S. Supreme Court wins relating to religious liberty. Read about her BYU experience and subsequent successes in her own words.
The BYU Cougarettes, wearing white and blue-striped hip-hop track suits, pose near a concrete structure.
The BYU Cougarettes will represent the United States in the team cheer hip hop division at the 2019 world cheerleading championship April 24–26. Since 1990 Coach Jodi Maxfield and her teams have won 16 national titles, four of them in the hip hop category. 
An orange-gloved hand paints matte black nail polish onto a spherical surface.
BYU electrical-engineering students—including a PhD candidate who moonlights as a stand-up comedianhave discovered an unconventional solution that could speed up lab-on-a-chip disease diagnosis.
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