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Solitude is a crucial ingredient of the creative process.
At last week's BYU forum, TED speaker and bestselling author Susan Cain shared ways to tap the creativity of introverts—and why blended introvert-extrovert teams are more powerful. Read a summary, skim the tweets for insights, or take the 10-question Quiet Revolution personality test to find out where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum.
BYU football players
Wednesday was signing day and BYU's newest football (and women's soccer) recruits were announced. Signing Day Central recaps the day with lists, videos, photos, and interviews with coaches. This Bleacher Report video shows that choosing a hat can be high drama.
BYU Store, official outfitter of BYU fans everywhere
Bintang Wahyu, BYU's gamelan ensemble
Students in BYU's most unusual music group strike wood against bronze and find cultural harmony playing the Balinese gamelan. The ensemble’s name, Bintang Wahyu, means “Star of Vision,” a tie, both spiritual and phonetic, to its university.
Ginny Taylor
"Honey, you're never going to BYU." Those words from a guidance counselor stalled Ginny Taylor but didn't stop her. She eventually made it to Provo, but having the resources to stay and finish her degree was anything but certain. A BYU Alumni–funded replenishment grant came just in time.
BYU performance of Mary Poppins
The play ends Saturday and tickets are going, going, just about gone. But everyone can enjoy this clip from BYU's high-energy performance of Mary Poppins.
Young man at dinner table

When was the last time you had a "real meal"? BYU professors say that phrase could hold real motivational power for healthy eating.

Studio C Valentines
Valentine's Day is coming fast. Print these freebies and give them to all your friends. Aww, yeah.
Malissa Richardson thanks Snapchat for policy change
Miss Provo, BYU grad Malissa Richardson, petitioned Snapchat to allow users to opt out of explicit content. Snapchat responded.
Michael Dunn is new managing director of BYU Broadcasting
Michael Dunn, president of the Church's South Africa Johannesburg Mission, will step into his new BYU role at the beginning of April.
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