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Craig M. Meyers in Penn State lab

Every cancer cell was dead. Examining the tissue culture dish in his Penn State lab in 2008, BYU alum Craig M. Meyers wasn’t sure what had happened. Now the crucial question is figuring out how—and why—it worked. Read the BYU Magazine article that has nearly 24,000 Facebook shares.

Progression of a solar eclipse

How does the 2017 total solar eclipse stack up with other visible out-of-this-world marvels? Astronomy professor Mike Joner shares his most jaw-dropping moments.

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Butch Pau'u at spring camp

Football kicks off this Saturday at 1 p.m. MDT against Portland State. The game's on ESPN, and BYUtv has all the pre- and post-game coverage you'll need. To get as pumped for the game as Butch Pau'u (above), check out this video. Or chuckle at how the team welcomed massive Mo Langi to the field.

Campus forager Neil Reed
Is Y grad Neil Reed nuts, or does he just enjoy gathering them in his free time? See how this urban forager spent only $8 for an entire school year and explore a campus map of where he found his edible plant life. Bring on the dandelions!
The Problem We All Live With, 1964, by Norman Rockwell, Norman Rockwell Museum Collections
Trying to make sense of recent events in Charlottesville? These BYU professors might help as they share their thoughts in these personal, poignant essays on race relations today.
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Elder Lynn G. Robbins speaks at BYU Education Week

BYU Education Week is in full swing on campus, and Tuesday’s devotional has a highlight reel. Check out what Elder Lynn G. Robbins had to say about choices and consequences.

BYU Folk Dance Ensemble student dances with a Vietnamese woman
This past spring the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble toured Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Here is a photo essay—with highlights from workshops, performances, and cultural sight-seeing stopsfrom the last leg of their trip.
50-year anniversary of the discovery of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and President Kevin J Worthen spoke at BYU's Chiasmus Jubilee and Conference. The event commemorated then-BYU student John Welch's 1967 discovery of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon during his mission. Learn what chiasmus is, watch the entire program, or go directly to Elder Holland's remarks.
A stressed husband and happy wife shop together
When a husband thinks his wife spends too much money, whether it’s reality or just his perception,┬áproblems follow. Read the findings of a multi-state study on marriage and money.
David and Chelom Leavitt and their seven lawyer children
David and Chelom Leavitt met at BYU on their first day of law school. They later partnered both in marriage and in the law firm Leavitt & Leavitt: it's no surprise that their seven children grew up acting like lawyers. “Our kids often have contracts on their doors indicating who can come in or out, what kind of behavior is expected," says Chelom. See what took this family from BYU to Ukraine and back.
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