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Player of the Year
Jimmer Fredette has claimed a mouthful of All-American and national-player-of-the-year honors, including the Naismith Trophy. He also inspired the fan sign voted no. 1 in BYU Magazine's poll. See fan signs from an amazing year. Play clip
Zuckerberg Friends BYU
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg fielded questions from students and Senator Orrin Hatch in a March BYU forum--Zuckerberg's first speech at a university.
Track Athlete of the Year, Too 
BYU took four national titles at the indoor track and field championships, and BYU miler Miles Batty was named the National Men's Track Athlete of the Year.
Still Dancing
She's now 100, but the founder of modern dance at BYU still makes graceful movements to the strains of Liszt's Liebesträume--from the comfort of a chair.
$10 Million Gift
Alumni Dave and Rachel Weidman donated $10 million to start a global leadership center at BYU intended to rank among similar centers at MIT and Stanford.
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
The Law and the Women
Beloit College's Debra Majeed will address the protection of rights for Muslim women in polygyny on April 13.
India and Globalization
Allam Appa Rao, vice chancellor of India's Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, will speak on April 7.
David O. McKay School of Education
Why Mentor?
Mentoring has always been part of the BYU experience. Now it's the research topic of McKay faculty and students.
Strong Kids
Several education professors take a look at a new curriculum that complements academics with social-emotional health.
What Parents Want
Teacher-parent communication can be a challenge. A recent book by two BYU faculty members can help.
A Public School Partnership
For 27 years, the McKay School of Education has worked closely with Utah schools to improve education and prepare quality teachers.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Showing Off Research
More than 490 students mentored by 75 faculty will present research at the Fulton Mentored Research Conference.
The Power of Sacred Living
Watch the Martin B. Hickman Lecture: family life professor Randal Day shares the secrets of families who flourish.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Back to BYU
After earning an MFA in California, alum Brant Vest is back at BYU, this time as a visiting studio arts professor.
Ballroom in Concert
Don't miss the phenomenal dancing and colorful costumes of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company in concert.
Kinnect-ing with Kids
Kinnect, a BYU contemporary dance company, helps children learn to express themselves through movement.
Hot Recordings
In a new book, a BYU professor shares how Louis Armstrong's early Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings redefined jazz.
College of Humanities
Decline of Languages?
Unlike BYU, universities nationwide are cutting humanities offerings. Associate dean Scott Sprenger suggests why.
Elvis and Toreadors
Drawn to the inky depths of black velvet art, English professor Eric Eliason wrote a book. Read the New York Times review.
College of Life Sciences
"Pink Collar" Science
BYU biology faculty explored genetics, potatoes, bacteria, and more to encourage girls to pursue careers in science.
Guilty Parents, Rejoice
According to a recent BYU study, some active video games qualify as exercise. Watch the report here.
Activating Public Schools
Biology professor John Gardner won the Dick Peterson Lifetime Achievement Award for facilitating active student learning in public schools.
College of Nursing
Culture to Culture
A group of nursing students from Japan visited campus and mingled with BYU students in March. 
Speaker of the House
Alumna Rebecca Lockhart was elected Speaker of the House in the Utah House of Representatives.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Finely Tuned Math
David Kung, concert violinist and St. Mary's mathematics professor, spoke at BYU. Hear an interview with the musician.
Behind the Scenes at Pixar
Pixar's Tony DeRose showed BYU students how he uses math to create art, tell stories, and visit unseen worlds.
The Leg Up
The College Volunteer Leadership Council met to brainstorm new ways to mentor, network, and improve job placement.
Research Show-and-Tell
The annual Student Research Conference gave students the opportunity to present their mentored research.
Clean-Water Drill
A contraption built by BYU engineering students will supply clean water for villagers in Tanzania.
Vote for BYU
Several BYU IT students are Imagine Cup finalists for their revolutionary ultrasound technology. Vote here to help them win.
First in Multi-Family Housing
A team of BYU construction management students took first place in a prestigious competition's multi-family housing category.
NSF Sees Potential
Assistant chemical engineering professor Thomas Knotts won a National Science Foundation award for promising junior faculty. See his research.
J. Reuben Clark Law School
40 Years of Law
Forty years ago it was announced that BYU would establish a law school. Learn about the school's beginnings.
The Treatment of Treaties
The Columbia Law Review published an essay by professor David Moore about treaties in the U.S. legal system.
Courts Without Newspapers
Associate professor RonNell Jones says the death of newspapers may pose a serious constitutional crisis.
Prestigious Publication
During a summer internship, law student Alan Miller helped write an article that was published in a Harvard law journal.
Marriott School of Management
Communications Excellence
Good communicators usually work behind the scenes, but at the Marriott School, they've been recognized with gold.
Extreme Taxing
Taxing doesn't rank high on most people's lists of extreme activities, but it does for five BYU students. Find out why.
2011 Hawes Scholars Named
The Hawes Scholar honor, which carries a cash award of $10,000, is the highest distinction BYU gives to MBA students.
Peerys Behind the Program
Meet the Peerys, the namesake of the flagship program of BYU's Ballard Center for Economic Self Reliance.
BYU Broadcasting
Welcoming Elder Groberg
Elder John H. Groberg will speak at BYU on April 9 in the 2011 Easter Conference.
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New Season, New Ancestors
Watch season two of The Generations Project Mondays at 7 p.m. on BYUTV.
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BYU Magazine
Shattering Sound
Watch sound waves shatter a glass in this video and see more BYU acoustics research.
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Ad Stars
An ad campaign in BYU Magazine features perennial BYU donors; click here to see them.
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