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Surviving Earth's Extremes
How do you endure the harsh climate of Antarctica? Biology professor Byron Adams and his students discovered that some tiny creatures there—including nematode worms—dry to a "crisp like a little Cheerio." When liquid water becomes available, the creatures reanimate. Here's more details.
Talmage Building Bike Racks
The bike racks by the Talmage Building are enjoying their day in the sun with more than 100 Google reviews. "From beautiful vistas to premium service, I highly recommend this bike rack,” says Matthew. But another user had a 1-star experience: "The racks tasted bitter," wrote Brad. "Simply a disappointing culinary experience.” Enjoy the hyperbole or add your own review.
BYU Store ad
Student surprises dad with mission call to Ecuador
A few weeks ago a 5-year-old born on St. Patrick's Day got a package from the BYU Store. Inside was a custom green hat to help her through her cancer treatments. Read the touching story.
Painting of Ammon Before King Limhi by Minerva Teichert
Minerva Teichert's ethereal depictions of Book of Mormon scenes are on display at BYU's Museum of Art until April 29, 2017. Preview the more than 45 paintings from the MOA's permanent collection in this video. And read more about the artist in BYU Magazine.
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BYU campus aerial photo
BYU comes in at no. 4 in grads with the least debt in the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings. Overall, BYU was the no. 68 best national university. See how BYU fared in the best-value, accounting, and undergraduate-business categories.
Student in dorm gets a text message
There are a lot of hidden gems in the Harold B. Lee Library, including the information desks. This clever video shows the wisdom of starting your research there instead of on a phone.
Big hug from a parent at BYU dorms
The dreams of young engineers are launched in this video showing the future potential of the new building being built on the south end of campus. You can follow the construction with six live cams.
Epitaph written in Greek
In his recent address at BYU, Elder Dallin H. Oaks said we ought to communicate with kindness, maintain hope for the future, and defend religious freedom. Watch the entire address, read or watch a summary, or share this quote on Facebook.
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