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veteran and nursing student
An Army engineer who survived Normandy. A nurse on the front lines in Okinawa. A Marine who lost limbs in Vietnam. With Veterans Day around the corner, read about the war heroes BYU nursing students paired with as part of the national Honor Flight program.
lego temple
Dave Jungheim spent nine years and used nearly 35,000 bricks creating a Lego rendition of the Salt Lake Temple. Read why (and how) he did it.
Mark, Amber, and Aubrey Leck
Inspired by the support they received after discovering their daughter had Down syndrome, Mark and Amber Leck created United Angels to pay it forward. Read about the foundation’s impact.
Tanner Mangum prison fireside
At a prison fireside, one inmate told BYU football their fourth-quarter play “makes me feel like I can have my fourth quarter, and make a comeback in my life.” Read more about the team’s annual tradition.
mountain reflection painting
As a Y art student, Patrick Kramer was fascinated by the tiniest details. Now, as a hyperrealistic painter, he’s made a career honing in on them. See a gallery of his work (don’t miss Anna), and watch him in action.
men's cross country champs
Men’s cross country, ranked fourth nationally, dominated the WCC championship, taking five of the top six spots to win for the third time in just five seasons with the conference. Read what Coach Ed Eyestone had to say about the young team's victory.
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