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Want to buck the growing waistline trend this holiday season? Turns out weight loss might not be all that complicated. Read in Health and Details what new BYU research says about the value of counting your bites.
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BYU has the highest graduation rate among Utah colleges, and our grads have the highest average salary, reports College Scorecard. And in national entrepreneurial rankings, our undergrad programs hit no. 2.
Charlie Brown and BYU professor
How do you transform a gang of beloved 2-D comic characters into 3-D movie characters, while remaining faithful to the Peanuts legacy? Enlist the help of a BYU professor and a talented team of alumni.
Joan of Arc
She grew up poor and uneducated in France’s countryside, but she would become “one of the most remarkable women history has ever known.” On Thanksgiving evening, BYUtv is telling her story.
Cougareat illustration
As our campus dining hub, the Cougareat has long provided Cougars a place to grab a bite and make some memories. Laugh along with the food-court stories of your fellow alumni, then share one of your own.
From the fountain to the arches to the geometric designs, learn how symbolism in the JFSB architecture points to themes of light and truth. Then join BYU's College of Humanities in celebrating 50 years.
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