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A combination of three images showing the face of an animatronic cougar, a controller schematic and anohter cougar head with theatrical fur being applied.
Rise and shout! Or at least say “bravo!” as BYU arts fans could one day welcome another animated cougar to campus. Thanks to a collaboration of two engineering capstone teams and a group of theatre and media arts students, BYU’s theatre department will be getting “Cosmotron,” an animatronic cougar with the ability to introduce plays and other events.
The Tuskegee Airmen were among the more than 16 million Americans who served in the US Armed Forces during WWII. A BYU alum has a goal to tell the story of all 405,399 servicemen and women who perished in the struggle. Photo by Toni Frissell/Library of Congress.
Memorial Day’s meaning goes far beyond barbecues and weekend sales. Here are two ways you can remember those who served and sacrificed: 1. Join with alum Don Milne in his goal to tell the stories of all 405,399 US servicemen and women who perished in WWII, including some of the Tuskegee Airmen (pictured above). 2. Watch as BYU professor and author Chris Crowe—recipient of this year’s Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award—and others read Crowe’s war-related narrative prose as part of a recent forum address.
The time to plan for your future is now. BYU alumni have access to group rates and added benefits on life insurance. The Alumni Insurance program.
A campus scene shows a stream and trees with golden leaves.
Due to the downward trend in COVID-19 infections and increased vaccinations within the campus community, BYU announced that fall semester 2021 will operate like a traditional semester, without mask or distancing requirements. BYU football fans will once again fill the stadium, and major events like BYU Spectacular! during Homecoming will feel a lot more like the pre-pandemic days.
Professor Adam Dyer shown speaking in a split image that also shows him dressed as Spider-Man in a Broadway production.
From soaring over Broadway as Spider-Man to dancing in millions of gallons of water in shows in Las Vegas and China, BYU dance professor Adam Dyer is passionate about exploring the ways the body can move and express emotion. Read more and watch this new video.
Charity Golf Tournament. Wednesday, July 28. Register Now. Deseret First Charitable Foundation.
A profile pic of Dr. Julie Valentine, professor of nursing at BYU.

For the past 10 years, BYU nursing professor and certified sexual-assault examiner Julie Valentine has helped put Utah at the forefront of making touch DNA evidence collection a standard practice in groping cases. Learn more about Valentine’s efforts to improve the toolbox for prosecuting sexual-assault cases, which she believes will lead to safer and healthier communities.

Two sihouetted women sit in facing chairs to illustrate research from BYU professors Timothy Smith and Julianne Holt-Lunstad that found that interpersonal relationships are key parts of medical treatment plans and help patients reduce stress and live longer.
New BYU research published in PLOS Medicine found that providing medical patients with social support—such as group meetings and family sessions that promoted healthy behaviors—resulted in a 29 percent increased probability of survival over time. The findings hold major implications for patients as well as hospitals and healthcare administrators striving to improve care, programs, and outcomes.
BYU Singers perform in a U-shaped formation surrounding two pianos and the choir director.
BYU Singers recently won the grand prize at the International Youth Choir Festival, “Aegis carminis,” held this year as a virtual competition. Watch their winning video performance of “Let My Love Be Heard.”
Alexandria Scott stands holding her first issue of Ditto Kids magazine after receiving funding on Kickstarter. Photo by Amy Hashimoto.
At first BYU alumna Alexandria Scott had doubts. Would anyone want a children’s magazine teaching kids to appreciate racial and other differences? Despite her worry, her Kickstarter campaign funded in less than three weeks and later surpassed its goal by nearly $20,000. Learn more about this political-science grad turned publisher.
A squirrel take a right turn into a tunnel maze as directed by a big red arrow. The text Squirrel Maze 2.0 accompanies the photo.
BYU grad, former NASA engineer, and top YouTuber Mark Rober is at it again. This time, he has created a complex squirrel maze inspired by films like Mission Impossible and Oceans Eleven. See if the thieving crew of backyard squirrels can navigate Rober’s nine-part obstacle course and break into the bank vault filled with walnuts.
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