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When Women Don't Speak with the word Don't .
Have you seen this viral article that shares groundbreaking research conducted by a trio of BYU professors? After years of analysis, working to learn what it takes for a woman to really be heard and treated as a competent and influential equal, the researchers came to this conclusion: having a seat at the table does not mean having a voice. What can be done? Read the findings and learn ways both men and women can improve their perceptions and interactions.
Red and purple tulips bloom in front of the BYU library. Hints of snow still cap the mountains in the background of campus.

“When we experience ‘opposition, anxiety, heartache, pain, disappointment, and sorrow’—things all of us are likely to face in this coming year—how are we to survive? By tapping into the power of joy,” said BYU president Kevin J Worthen in his January devotional, weeks before COVID-19 paused winter semester. Hear this inspiring message, illustrated by scenes from a quiet campus in bloom.

My529: Utah's educational savings plan.
Classic portrait of Jesus Christ.
BYU Speeches’ newest devotional campaign offers talks on Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. See the trailer, and find the speeches on your preferred podcast service to augment your efforts to remember Jesus Christ’s life and sacrifice.
A female vocal artist sings, accompanied by a pianist.
Did you miss BYU Women’s Conference last week? No, you didn’t. Video recordings of the sessions and talk transcripts are now available on the Women’s Conference website, on the Church website, or on Facebook. Watch them in any order, whenever you want, no registration required.
The text COVID-19 & Immunology with Dr. Poole next to a black and white photoof the BYU biology professor.
If you’re seeking some science regarding COVID-19, check this out. In this video, BYU’s Brian Poole, associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology, shares important facts about immunology and the current coronavirus. Prefer a podcast? Learn how viruses work and how we can combat them on this episode of Constant Wonder.
A family seated for a meal, with real plates, silverware, and a tablecloth in a school cafeteria. Caption reads: A community school like Manzano Mesa Elementary succeeds as it addresses the needs of families as well as those of children.
In a move to Albuquerque, Deanna Cook worried about trading Vermont’s 3rd-ranked school system for New Mexico’s, ranked 49th. When she discovered that her kids’ new school faced enormous challenges, she decided to do something about it, quickly becoming a nationally recognized education reformer.
This illustration of sheep performing in a circus tent is titled: Little Bo Peep Finally Found Her Sheep . . . in the Most Unexpected Place.
From a young age BYU grad Shawna Tenney has given life to her imagination through art—be it drawing, ballet, or music. Ample library time, her mother reading to her, and a love of fairy tales turned her interest particularly toward picture-book illustration. Today, with a degree in illustration, Tenney is telling stories of her own.
Professor Deborah Himes says that the relatives of cancer patients are missing out on crucial knowledge about their own cancer risk. Portrait by Bradley Slade.
Before alumna Deborah Himes became a BYU professor of nursing, she worked as a nurse practitioner and often had to break the news: a breast-cancer diagnosis. With the advent of genetic testing and its lifesaving potential, she has become an advocate for sharing family health information, noting that the relatives of cancer patients are often missing out on crucial knowledge about their own cancer risks.
Two images of true pink penstemon specimens showing pink-striped petals.
BYU professor of plant and wildlife sciences and plant hunter Mikel Stevens often hikes in remote parts of the country to find and document species of plants and flowers. When he happened upon this new penstemon wildflower specimen in Utah’s mountains, it was unlike anything he’d ever seen.
Closeup photo of a lime pie garnished with lime slices and whipped cream.
Have you tried this creamy lime pie with pretzel crust from the owners of Kneaders? You can find directions on how to make it here, along with the enterprising story of how BYU grads Gary and Colleen Worthington, finding their golden years to be boring, rewrote their recipe for retirement.
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