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Polar Bears on Thin Ice
BYU wildlife professor Tom Smith and his students are tracking polar bears in Alaska--even getting inside their dens--to determine how the reduction of sea ice is impacting the bears. See the inside of a polar bear's den.
Restoring Freedom in Afghanistan
This Fourth of July means more to history professor Mark Choate after eight months in Afghanistan. Read the Bronze Star recipient's thoughts on freedom.
Sushi, Chickens Sweep Awards
With sustainable-sushi and urban-farming stories, BYU became the first school to sweep the broadcast awards at the Hearst journalism championships.
Quick Thinker
Neuroscience/exercise science major Miles Batty, the NCAA Indoor Athlete of the Year, is also the Academic All-America of the Year. He maintains a 3.95 GPA.
Don't Be a Relationship Parasite
Some people form weak, parasitical relationships. In a BYU Alumni webinar, networking expert Jeff Rust offered tips for building symbiotic cities of influence.
David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies
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Travel Safe
A BYU tool provides important info, tips, and guidelines that can help you plan a safe and enjoyable trip abroad.
David O. McKay School of Education
Professor Study Group
The Teacher Education Research Seminar group has met bimonthly for 10 years to help faculty get published.
Facing Uganda's Challenges
On a Fulbright in Uganda, one professor is discovering, and blogging about, what can feel like insuperable barriers.
Brazilian Exchange
Through a new BYU exchange program, McKay students can experience diversity in a foreign school system.
Coaching the Frustrated/ing
Associate education leadership professor Ellen Williams presented on how to coach frustrated or frustrating teachers.
College of Humanities
The Adventsingen Goes On
Despite the loss of the Provo Tabernacle, where BYU's annual Adventsingen was held, the holiday tradition will continue.
No More Strangers
Linguistics professor Lynn Henrichsen explores how the Church has coped with linguistic challenges.
Improving Peru
See the sustainable technologies BYU engineering students developed for and introduced to Peru's Islands of the Uros.
Hot Science
Watch BYUTV's Insight to learn how chemical engineering professor Tom Fletcher's research combats wildfires.
In Search of the Best
A new Web tool compares computer and electrical engineering programs in the United States.
Motorcycle Range
A team of BYU students turned an electric motorcycle into a hybrid and increased its range by nearly 40 percent.
College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences
Red-Blue States
New BYU research shows that people from red and blue states may agree more than they disagree on political issues.
Why Dads Still Matter
Certain types of dads remain a force for good for children who have moved out, says new family life research.
Teens and Religion
A student-professor team's study of religion and teens underlines the importance of relationships.
Odds Favor the Married
The benefits of marriage, according to a new BYU study, include increased odds of surviving colon cancer.
College of Fine Arts and Communications
A Return to Beijing
See how the first joint public performance of BYU and the Beijing Dance Academy brought a BYU professor full circle.
Subway Symphony
Finding music in city noises, associate professor of music composition Steve Ricks won a prestigious commission. 
College of Life Sciences
Into the Burn
In his June devotional, plant and wildlife sciences chair Val Anderson shared how he fought fires. Listen to it here.
Gene Therapy
Assistant biology professor Steven Johnson collaborated with a Stanford Nobel laureate to improve gene therapy.
College of Nursing
Nursing Families
Professor Barbara Mandleco coauthored a pediatric nursing book full of nutrition specifics and cultural considerations.
Come What May
Departing with words from Elder Richard G. Scott, nursing grads left BYU prepared to take on life and love it.
A Good Time to Be an NP
See what alumna Penny Jensen, president of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, told graduate students.
Donation and Celebration
Members of the Fritz B. Burns Foundation joined BYU in a celebration of Burns scholars across campus.
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Screaming Swedish Fish
Watch the Swedish Fish experiment BYU chem majors put on for local students in the second annual Open Lab Day.
Getting in the Game
Wish you could watch Jimmer from any angle? A professor's new software gives sports-television viewers the wheel.
Heating Things Up
William Christensen, associate professor of statistics, is using statistical tools to study climate change.
Mars on Earth
What should a Mars rover be able to do? See how the BYU rover fared in competition in Utah's red, Mars-like desert.
J. Reuben Clark Law School
New York Times Citing
In a story on justices' use of the dictionary in the courtroom, the New York Times cited an article written by a BYU law student.
Shrinking Prisons
Read the op-ed BYU law professor Shima Baradaran penned for the New York Times about reducing prison populations.
New Appointment
Associate Dean Gordon Smith will join an Association of American Law Schools committee on Transaction Law and Skills.

Marriott School of Management
How to Beat Free
What do businesses do when competitors offer similar products for free? BYU faculty share advice.
New Faculty Director
Professor of finance Hal Heaton has been appointed the new faculty director of the H. Taylor Peery Institute.
The Language of Business
Utah high schoolers put their Spanish and marketing skills to the test in BYU's Business Language Competition.
Assignment Becomes $10K
A class project turned into a winning business for student Saul Howard in the Crexendo Website Competition.
Museum of Art
Who's Who of Painters
A new exhibit is a who's who of American painters from the 1700s to the 21st century.
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Be a Papyrologist
Hosting the Papyrological Summer Institute, the library is displaying ancient artifacts.
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BYU Magazine Continuing Education
Bishop of Bluff and Two More
See BYU Studies' three new books; one is about a Dane who helped settle Bluff.
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Speaking of Education Week 
See what people are saying about Education Week's 1,000-plus classes--and enroll.
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