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Brave goalie Scott Sterling stares down a soccer ball headed for his face. Accompanying text says 2020 VISION.
Sweet buttered crumpets! Never underestimate the worldwide appeal of soccer. Scott Sterling’s goal-preventing face has scored nearly 71 million views since it took the field in 2014 for Studio C. Here is a playlist of more top videos of the last decade: Noteworthy’s “Amazing Grace” has 52 million views, Vocal Point’s “Nearer My God to Thee” is at 25 million, and “Baba Yetu” by Alex Boye and the BYU Men’s Chorus and Philharmonic has 12.8 million views. The classic Old Spice satire “Study Like a Scholar, Scholar” has racked up 3.5 million views since 2010.
Cougarettes stand with 2nd-place trophy on Daytona Beach
In and out of the classroom, BYU students and professors are working to build a better world. Take another look at a bulletproof, origami-inspired folding Kevlar shield, a human-powered water drill, and developable mechanisms, devices that can morph and transform. Take a scroll through the inventions, research, and important announcements at BYU over the past decade.
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Photo of an eye with ring light for story on eye research. Photo by Jaren Wilkey.
Take a closer look at the year in pictures in this gallery selected by BYU photographers from the more than 1 million images they captured last year.
This light blue graphic displays the words Top 10 BYU speeches of the decade.
Scroll this list of the 10 most-viewed BYU devotionals given between 2010 and 2019 to see if any of your favorite speakers are there—Brad Wilcox or Eva Witesman (above), anyone? Then take three minutes to appreciate “The Miracle of the Ordinary,” by Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge, whose address is No. 2 on the list.
Cosmo and the Cougarettes spin their arms and kick up a leg during a 2017 football game timeout.
When Cosmo appears on campus—or in this newsletter—fans follow. His dance with the Cougarettes at a 2017 football game is among BYU Today’s most-clicked items of the decade, along with the announcement of caffeine on campus. This year, three BYU Honor Code stories were the most-visited, including stories by BYU News and BYU Magazine. Bonus 2019 video: Cosmo does trick shots from a helicopter.
Montage of BYU Magazine best of 2019 stories
Popular BYU Magazine articles included admissions changes, inspiring devotionals, BYU-themed comic strips, and outstanding alumni profiles. Browse the list of the 10 most-read articles of 2019.
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