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Tom Holmoe dressed as Ernesto from Coco
BYU's Tom Holmoe wins best costume for athletic directors, declares Sports Illustrated. See his outlandish outfits over the years, then pop over to see the creative stylings of this year's other guys and ghouls in this campus Halloween photo gallery.
BYU women's soccer celebrate a championship win
After falling short in last season's final games, the BYU women's soccer team is back on top of the West Coast Conference. With a 2-0 win over No. 6 Santa Clara, the Cougars have claimed at least a share of the WCC title and an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. BYU's last regular season match is with LMU this Saturday.
Summit Creek, quite possibly Utah's most beautiful mountain community
Stylized image of brass jazz instrument musicians
BYU is celebrating a half century of BYU Jazz Nov. 13–17 when BYU's Synthesis, Jazz Ensemble, Syncopation, and Jazz Legacy Dixieland Band will perform. School of Music grads are invited to participate in reunion events and to step on stage for an alumni band concert on Nov. 17 (RSVP). Fans of artists like Newell Dayley, Bob Campbell, and Ray Smith can catch a concert in person or join in online. Concerts in the de Jong Concert Hall will be live-streamed at
Lean back into the future with hands-free flying vehicles
Flying cars are in your future. In the biggest revolution in transportation since the Model T, experts from BYU are working to make backseat drivers of us all. All of the stories from the latest issue of BYU Magazine are online, including articles on BYU and the Great War and how to clean up the Supreme Court nomination mess.
Cosmo and the BYU Cougarettes perform Michael Jackson's Thriller
Quick, before your Halloween spirit slips away into Thanksgiving, watch a high-energy performance of "Thriller" by Cosmo and the BYU Cougarettes.
BYU grad and Mission Wild host Wes Larson carries a bear on his shoulders
You might remember him as GrizKid. But BYU grad Wes Larson has expanded his love of wildlife to gators, elephant seals, birds of prey, and eagle rays. Join him as he hosts Mission Wild, a new CNN/Great Big Story series.
A pair of hands, one red and one blue, carefully hold a tiny gold-wrapped gift
As midterm elections heat up and the fallout from the Supreme Court confirmation process rains down across the political divide, a new study coauthored by a BYU researcher presents a unique angle of American politics: how party affiliation affects charitable donations.
Aerial image taken directly above BYU's Tanner Building
Do you recognize this campus building with its lines of geometric window panes, flanked by autumn trees? See campus from a new perspective with some drone-captured views from BYU Photo.
Still from the movie Jane and Emma depicting Jane Elizabeth Manning James, an early black Church member
Writer, director, producer: there is a long list of alumni who worked on the new film Jane and Emma, the story of an early black Church member who becomes friends with the Prophet's wife. Watch the trailer and enjoy interviews with the film's creators. And learn how the recent launch resulted in a $40K donation to the NAACP.
Reaction shot of a new dad plagued with unwanted dad jokes
A baby is born, and suddenly a new father becomes unable to resist the power of dad jokes. It's just one of many punful moments in season 9 of Studio C. Let the groans continue as the original cast members—now in their new venture JK! Studios—try to keep a straight face in a bad joke challenge.
This BYU MOA exhibition features the most comprehensive collection of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs ever assembled, including photographs from every Pulitzer Prize-winning entry since 1942.
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